On the Road Again!

In less than 36 hours, the kids, my dad and myself will be on a plane to…..Williamsburg, Virginia! Can you stand it?! I can’t!

In fact, we are all so excited, we could dance a jig with George Washington!

Every other year or so, my Dad sponsors a trip together by bartering some timeshares he owns to take us wherever we want to go. This year, The Naturalist wanted to go to Borneo so she could classify a previously unknown species of animal. The Golfer wanted to go to Florida and camp out at Tiger Wood’s home course. The Sassy Princess didn’t really have a preference, although I’m sure she’d want to go see ‘her’ castle at Disneyland.

After debating the pro’s and con’s over each destination, we decided to find somewhere that interested everybody. The great thing about unschooling, is that we can choose to go to places that would be so crowded if we went over a summer or Christmas break. Once I narrowed our search to places within the Continental US (we are, after all, flying with the Sassy Princess) we quickly focused on somewhere back East.

Since this year is the 400 anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown, we checked info about Williamsburg. Jamestown! Yorktown! Williamsburg! Busch Gardens! Big Giant President Heads! Air and Space Museum! Ghost Tours! Miniature Golf! and about a million other things.

We’ll be there 7 days, and there is no way we can fit everything we want to do in that short amount of time, so it will be interesting to see what ends up happening when we get there! What I’m looking forward to the most is being back East in the fall! I haven’t been back since I left New Jersey after high school, and I miss the crisp autumn air, the trees changing color, and apple orchards making cider. We have 4 seasons here in Colorado, but there’s something special about the East Coast in October!

Hopefully they’ll be internet at our Condo…the next time you’ll hear from us, we’ll be yucking it up in Virginia!


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