Wish you were here!

A quick hello from the road!

The Great Sand Dunes NP…who knew this was here?!
Great Sand Dunes, Co.

Mesa Verde NP…this view never gets old.

To get to Mesa Verde, you have to drive this insane loop from the entrance that, at times, is the scariest road on earth. Sheer drop offs, tight turns, high elevation…can you say panic attack? Which isn’t good when you’re the one driving. At one overlook area, I thought I would face my fears and just get to the highest, scariest place I could. Do you think I made it?

And finally, Four Corners…where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, & Utah all meet up. Man, this place is out of the way of anything, even by middle-of-the-desert standards. But the cool factor is too good to pass up.
Four Corners

Not Pictured:
Golfer vomiting all in the car.
Sassy vomiting all in the car (different day, more volume).
Making ramen noodles in the hotel coffee maker.
Sassy vomiting all in the hotel room. Maybe coffee maker noodles aren’t such a good idea?

Now do you see my twisted reason for wishing you were here? I’m tired of being on vomit patrol. I’m all out of plastic bags and paper towels, so I hope they’re finished with all that.

Tomorrow…steam train in Durango and driving to Moab!


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