360 Mile Car Trip!

Alright..pictures of our Great Western Adventure ’08 (all 1,200 of them!) have been organized, edited, and in some cases deleted (RIP, blurry pictures. You were badly taken, but I still loved you).

This was a really fantastic trip. Sure, there was massive vomiting there for a while, and 3450304598 drinks were spilled, some tantrums yelled, eyes rolled (at ME!!!!), disagreements argued, and a few potty incidents. But somehow dealing with all that on the road is less tortuous than dealing with it at my boring old home.

“Look everyone, at Sassy throwing up 3 days worth of food all over the carpet!” is much less fun than saying “Look everyone, at Sassy throwing up 3 days worth of food all over the car! Ooooh, and look everyone, at those big dwellings carved into the mountainside!”

Yessiree, life on the road is the life for me. I only have to deal with 3 changes of clothes for everyone, cook ramen noodles for dinner, make sandwiches for lunch (somehow, my kids will only eat sandwiches on the road?!), cereal for breakfast, and granola for snacks. The kids run around happy as clams, exploring new places when we’re out of the car, and when we’re in the car it’s ipods and TMBG on the video screen.

I’m just about ready to turn in my housekeys, get a set of RV keys, and take Hubby and kids out on the wide open trail. Assuming, of course, that Hubby is on board with the idea. Which, financially and fiscally would probably not make a lot of sense seeing that he stayed home and worked during this trip. What? Someone had to pay for it!

I went with my best friend, Ashley (my fellow Soapchix!) and her 2 girls. Our favorite things, highlighted in the minute long video, were:

Great Sand Dunes NP
Mesa Verde NP
Four Corners
Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad
Arches NP
Canyonlands NP

Whew! Not bad for only 6 days (OK, after a desperate call to Hubby to pleasepleaseplease pay for one more night at the Motel 8 ) 7 days!

The soundtrack for our trip was the newly released Here Come The 123s” With 5 kids in the car ranging from 3 to 11, it was a miracle to find a video/music that they all enjoyed, but this DVD did the trick. And, it didn’t annoy the crap out of Ashley and me. In fact, we liked it just as much as the kids. So, I had to put my pictures to the song “813 Mile Car Trip”. It adds that whirlwind, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, ADHD vibe that we felt on our trip. Enjoy the show!


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