A break in the weather.

Before moving here, I assumed Colorado winters were similar to the surrounding states like Utah and Wyoming. It made me a little nervous, because I think I totally get that SAD stuff…seasonally affected depression or whatever it’s called. I know they have ultraviolet lights you can stick on the breakfast table to increase your exposure to whatever it is that keeps you happy and sane, but that never seemed realistic to me. What I need after weeks and weeks of short days and snowfall, is a long stay at a beachhouse in Mexico. Now that’s a cure!

In any case, I was happily surprised to realize that Colorado winters are pretty darn mild (at least, on the front range!). Yeah we get snow, but I can count on one hand how often I’ve had to go out and actually shovel it. Even when it dumps half a foot, within a day or two it get’s up into the 60’s and melts it all away. Perfect!

Until this year. And actually, the last two years have been brutal with multiple blizzards. But THIS year, for the entire December, we’ve been at or below freezing. Not uncommon in a State that expects winter weather, but very uncommon for here…where winter and summer have agreed to let each other share in some of each other’s seasons. I’m not used to going a week without some 50-60 degree days scattered around, let alone a whole month. If I had a beachhouse in Mexico, I’d have escaped there long ago.

Frito Bandito is sharing my disdain for freezing weather. She goes outside when it’s time to empty her bladder, but then huddles in between my feet and looks up at me begging to go back inside. Shih tzu’s have a very expressive face. For the two weeks she’s been home, she’s spent very little time running around outside.

But this week, when the winds weren’t blowing at us at 90 mph (no exaggeration!), it’s been warmer. Not Mexico warm, but close enough. I’ve loved it, and so has Frito.

Frito Bandito

I don’t know if shih tzu’s are a tracking dog or not, but she uses her nose to run all around our backyard, recreating the last moments of a bird that our local fox left for us. She sniffs and snorts and goes back and forth trying to make sense of what she’s smelling. And when she catches a trail…watch out…

Frito Bandito

We are both wishing for some sunnier days in 2009!


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