That didn’t last long.

Weather yesterday: sunny and in the 60’s.
Weather today: overcast and snowy.

There’s only one thing to do when life gives you snow.

Make soup.

Soup for the soul.

Work puzzles.


Train your puppy to ‘ATTACK!’.

Shih tzu training.

Take artsy pictures of the hot chocolate snowman pitcher.

Snowman, through the looking glass.

Try not to think about sunbathing in Florida a few short weeks ago.

Florida Winter.

Very soon I will gather my warm blooded children around me under a down blanket and suggest we read the rest of Oliver Twist to pass time for the rest of this cold night. Most likely they will continue playing Spore (Golfer)/Animal Crossing (Naturalist)/Smash Brothers (Sassy), but we’ll see what a little hot chocolate bribe will do!


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