And It’s Decided!

It’s not easy to disconnect from the Public School system.  Psychologically and socially, that is…it is surprisingly easy to do it from a practical and legal standpoint.  All that’s needed in Colorado is a parent and 14 days notice.  I’m Brooke’s parent, and I gave my 14 days notice, and am left wondering….”now what?”   And it’s left the people around us wondering how quickly we are going to seclude ourselves on a commune, and just how illiterate our kids are going to end up.  Telling people about the decision to homeschool is a bit like telling them what you plan to name an unborn child–in either instance people aren’t afraid to tell you just how they feel.  I guess homeschoolers develop some pretty thick skin.  At first I tried to defend homeschooling by quoting all the success stories and positive facts.  The National Spelling Bee champions!  The National Geography champions!  All homeschooled!  Unfortunatly, most people are unsettled by this and usually mumble something about how their kids could win, too, if that’s all they focused on all day.  Then they turn the tables and wonder why we would make the district suffer by removing my child and thus removing the money allotted to the school for her.  (And all I can think of about that is…Hmmm, does that mean I get the money?!  Sadly, no, but it would be really cool if that were the case!)  There are the comments wondering why do I think I can do any better than the school?  The arguments about school being important for socialization.  And on and on…so many reasons for not taking the drastic step of swallowing the green pill and disconnecting from The System. 

Right now, we have made the decision to homeschool but don’t know much more beyond that.  I have no idea what is going to work for us.  I don’t know how to respond to the concerns of others because I have many of the same concerns!  (Although, I did find that there is a Homeschooling Bowling League at some lanes near me, which in some strange way made me feel better.  “Look!  Homeschoolers are just like you and me!  And they bowl, too!”) 

The only thing I know is that I know Naturalist better than anyone.  And I know that another year of school like this last one would snuff out any remaining love of learning that she has in her.  There’s got to be another way.  So…she and I are venturing out to find it!


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