What The Naturalist Thinks of Homeschooling

I’ve been wanting to be homeschooled for a long time.  For the past years that I’ve been in school, actually.  I heard about homeschooling on TV on a commercial and I didn’t like going to school and I thought being with my family all day and going to school there would be a lot neater and nicer.  I wouldn’t have all the boys screaming and interupting.  I would like to see if I do better at homeschool and the program that I saw on TV really said that homeschooling is fun and so I wanted to try it out.  I want to do better at math, science, and I would enjoy art more because in school we only get 10 minutes at art and at home I could get lots more time!  I know I don’t do good at school because on the papers and tests that we take, I don’t get most of the math questions right.  It makes me feel bad because mostly everyone else in our class knows how to do math better than me.  And they do cursive better.  It’s hard for me to learn in the class because it’s hard for me to hear.  When the kindergartners have recess, they’re really super loud.  It makes it hard to listen and it’s hard to get all the attention and ask all the questions that I”m trying to say because the teacher says “Put your hands down”.  Or, she says ask your questions but it’s been a long time and then I forget my question.  

–The Naturalist


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  1. Very nice site. Maria

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