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  • November 2005
    M T W T F S S
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Where has the time gone?

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since my last update!  Time has gone by at warp speed, like how it usually does when there are lots of things going on.  When I started homeschooling The Naturalist, I also started a business and The Toddler became 100% mobile.  It’s been pretty crazy, but pretty fun!

I love this program more every day.  It’s taken about this long to get into a routine with the curriculum.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my daughter in a completely new way.  In order to be effective at this, it takes a certain amount of mutual tolerance and respect, and a huge insight into how each of us learns/teaches/understands.  The COVA program has been really flexible and easy to accomodate different learning styles. 

I am so thankful we pulled my daughter out of school when we did.  She is like a whipped dog when it comes to ‘learning’.  She’s curious, bright, and is quick to connect different things…and yet, that almost dissapeared while in a schoolroom setting.  She is definately not a traditional learner and the more she got behind the more she withdrew.  Most of the past 3 months have been focused on trying to break down the huge wall she had because of the associated feelings of inferiority and stupidity she had surrounding things like Math and Reading.  I clued into her mental anguish because it expressed itself in physical ways; an eye twitch, a yawn to give her more time to come up with an answer, and/or a cough.  I feel a great deal of success because I’ve noticed that ever so slowly she exibits those symptoms less and less.  Now, instead of assuming she doesn’t know the answer and giving up, she assumes that she knows the answer and tries to figure it out.  That alone is worth doing this. 

It is definately a sacrifice of time and energy for me, but the positives definately outweigh anything else.  She used to have a hard time getting to sleep, and when she did it would be a restless one…now she reads for a half hour and then sleeps like a baby.  She used to complain of headaches and stomacheaches every day, and now she doesn’t.  She used to cry every morning at the thought of going back to school, and now she’s up at 7:30 ready to do History, or Science, or Art.  I’m watching Brooke bloom right before my eyes, and I shudder to think what this year would have done to her self esteem and love of learning if we had kept her in school.