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  • March 2007
    M T W T F S S
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Science Classes

The DMNS offers some great exploratory science classes on the weekends. Today, The Golfer had signed up for Kid Science. So I dropped him off with all the other excited K-1 aged kids and listened as the teachers asked them questions about what they liked best about Science and the Museum. One girl exclaimed, “I like SPACE!!!” and a boy shouted out, “I like the DINOSAURS!!!!” while another boy added, “I just think experiments are SO COOL!!!” The enthusiasm was so precious to watch, and very contagious. The Golfer raised his hand, and when the teacher called on him he said in his best Napoleon Dynamite voice, (he doesn’t know he has this voice…it just happens when he starts talking to other people about things he likes. It’s a perfect ‘Napoleon explaining Ligers’ impression.) “Yeah, well, I pretty much like everything here.”

The Naturalist signed up for a class a few weeks ago, for a dissection class similar to this one. She’s never been squeamish, so off she went to spend the day dissecting things like a cow’s eye, a sheep’s brain, a frog, and a heart of some animal. She was OK with the brain & heart, but the dead frog saddened her, and the cow’s eye freaked her out. Who knew it would be the size of a fist?!?

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