Rip Roarin’ Readin’!

The kids and I have read our way from Benjamin Franklin to Daniel Boone and on to George Washington, but we’ve taken a detour to Davy Crocket, Pecos Bill, & Paul Bunyan. We’re finishing up a few more biographies about Daniel and also are having a great time with the book ‘American Tall Tales’ by Mary Pope Osborne. In the book, she retells some of the classic and most outlandish stories from the people in America’s home grown myths.

It is, hands down, the most fun book I have read aloud to the kids. The colloquialisms and spirit of the characters really come across in her writing and I’ve developed a really low, gravelly, southern twang-like speaking voice to say phrases like, “Hello there! I’m Davy Crockett, and I’m real hungry! Which means bad news to any little warm-blooded, four-legged, squinty-eyed, yellow-bellied creature!” For his wife (Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind) I’ve got a slightly higher southern twang-like speaking voice full of sassiness: “I’m a streak of lightning set up edgeways and buttered with quicksilver. I can outgrin, outsnort, outrun, outlift, outsneeze, outsleep, outlie any varmint from Maine to Louisiana. I like to wear a hornets nest for my Sunday bonnet!”

The kids even got into the act and did an impromptu reenactment of Davy Crocket meeting up with ‘ole Mike Fink and trying to start a fight. The Naturalist was Davy, The Golfer was Mike, and there was a lot of crowin’, neighin’, roarin’, flappin’, shakin’, thumpin’, & howlin’ goin’ on. Needless to say, after all that to-do, Davy and Mike were too tired to actually fight. And after laughing so hard, the kids and I were pretty worn out, too.


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