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Easter is here.

Happy Easter!
Honestly, what I’d like to title this is “Happy freaking Easter. Whatever.” But I’m trying to rally for the occasion. I love holidays, but I especially love Easter. After a long, dark winter, I usually am really receptive to the feelings of rebirth and hope that come around this time of year. However, I have a few things going against me this year.

1) It’s snowing outside. TONS. After 4 blizzards this year, I’m done with snow. I hadn’t even gotten out the kids Easter outfits…but if I’d had, they still wouldn’t be able to wear them because it’s 30 degrees outside. We bundled up in our winter wear to get to church. Ba Humbug.

2) My dogwoods & crabapples haven’t bloomed this year, and after this storm I don’t think they will. BOO!

3) I’m pretty sure this storm is slowly killing any new hydrangea blooms that survived the winter, as well as my tulips (which were just starting to bloom!). I’m still holding out for the columbines…they’re used to this, right? You’d have to be, if you’re the state freaking flower, right?!?

4) Sassy is sick, and I’m pretty sure I’m coming down with it too. Aches, chills, sore throat, headache. BOO!

5) My tradition is to put on a dinner with lamb, lots of sides, and a special themed cake. This year? Costco steaks from last week, and maybe hot potatoes if I can rally enough to get them in the microwave for 8 minutes. Green beans from a can. Pastel M&M’s for dessert. Served on paper plates with a big side of cranky.

6) Did I mention the snow?

I think I’ll soak myself in a hot bath until next week.

While I’m soaking, I’ll post some of my ‘Easter Greatest Hits’ pictures to remind me of how things used to be.


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