It’s Raining, It’s Pouring!

Is there anything better than sleeping in a warm, cozy bed while it’s raining outside?

The morning broke with gusty winds, rainclouds, and a constant drizzle…I remained nestled in bed while the kids got up and started their 6:30 am routine–watching Animal Planet and then Mythbusters that we have TiVo’d.  The Toddler snuggled up with me until she noticed her Dad going downstairs, and then she hit him up for waffles.

Once everyone assembled for waffles, I tidied up while The Naturalist and The Golfer made Tinkertoy boats to float down the rivers that had appeared in our sidewalk gutters.  The Toddler watched Little Einsteins on Disney for a while, and then she and I snuggled back up in my bed again so she could sit in my ‘boat’ (what she calls the space in between my two legs…so cute…) and we read a pile of her favorite books.

The older kids came back inside after being buffeted by strong and rainy winds…had some hot chocolate…went back outside after constructing some Balsam wood boats they remembered that they’d bought at the DMNS store.

The Toddler went off to play with her toys, which left me some quiet time to whip up some shea butter for a client of mine.

The older kids decided that the winds and currents were too strong for their balsam boats outside, so came back inside to set them to sail in our bathtub.  Being very cold themselves, they both got in the hot bath and are now directing the jets in the tub into different gulf streams.  The Toddler is hanging around the outside of the tub, because ever since her last ‘bathtub incident’ when she pooped in the water, she has been forbidden by the older kids from bathing with them.  It’s so hard to be 2. 

I have a streusel coffee cake made from scratch cooking in the oven, and when that’s done I’ll get some hot chocolate made from milk (in glass bottles!) that was delivered this morning from the milk man.  Aside from the fact that I used the computer to get the coffee cake recipe, and I wasn’t the one actually milking the cows this morning, I feel like a pioneer mom today. 

I anticipate this afternoon will see The Toddler taking a nap (pleasepleaseplease!) and the kids and I snuggling up in my bed so we can listen to the rain while we finish Robinson Crusoe and “You Wouldn’t Want to be a Colonist“.  May 11-13 is the celebration of the 400 anniversary of Jamestown being settled, which is a perfect fit into what has become an early American focus of interest for both the older kids. 

Later on in the day I’ll have to change out of my pajamas and ship some orders out, go shopping for Hubby’s birthday tomorrow, and run a few more errands….but other than that this has been a very enjoyable, slow paced, old fashioned kind of happy day. 


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