Houston, we have a problem.

My kids and I spent Mother’s Day outside,  planting all sorts of yummy veggies in our raised garden bed.  I harbored a nagging feeling that I had doomed them all to a horrible veggie death, due to the fact that I kill everything I plant.  But!  Last year we actually ate lots of our own veggies all through the summer!  And!  Because I am aware of my forgetfullness when it comes to watering things, I worked very hard to irrigate the garden box through our sprinkler system. 

 I’ve been checking on the seedlings every day. 

I remembered that last year, I saw sproutlets come up within the week.

After 2 weeks, I was beginning to worry that the only green I saw was from our strawberry plants from last year. 

I started making excuses, like maybe the sproutlets were hiding beneath the mulch because they felt so comfy out of direct sunlight.  Maybe we had an entire crop of carrots and peppers that were cowering under the mulch (but above the soil!) to get away from the strong winds.

I finally peeked under the mulch and realized that there was nothing there. 

 But I had remembered to water!  How could this be?!

Brooke had also been looking out for the sproutlets every day.  Yesterday we were both mourning the un-appearance of our veggies and talking out loud.  “I can’t believe they didn’t sprout!”  “I was so careful when I planted them!”  “Why isn’t anything growing?”  and then, from Brooke:  “Yeah, it’s like, the only thing sprouting in here is clover.  I’ve been sure to weed those out, but I haven’t seen anything else!”




Yes.  The garden has been diligently weeded of all the sproutlets. 

(Remembering sproutlets of yesteryear…our corn…)


3 Responses

  1. Heh — same thing happened over here, except it was just one plant, not all of them. 😉 I’m always telling those girlies, “noooo weeding until the plants get bigger and we can tell what’s a weed and what’s a vegetable!”

    Luckily I have 46506740 little plants, so I just popped a new one in its place…

  2. ROLF. How lucky you are to have such a diligent helper.

  3. […] the sad realization that all our sproutlets had been weeded out of the garden, the kids and I took a trip to Blue Ribbon Farm. This lovely little place has bailed me out of […]

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