Veggie Garden, take 2.

After the sad realization that all our sproutlets had been weeded out of the garden, the kids and I took a trip to Blue Ribbon Farm. This lovely little place has bailed me out of quite a few garden related disasters.

Truthfully, this wasn’t a great day to go out with the kids…they all woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  I tried to interest them by pointing out the cool red wagons they could pull, but only Brooke fell for that.  Carter consoled himself with the fact that if he and Dakota sat in the same wagon, he could tease her the whole time we were there.  Poor Dakota only had an old, half sucked lollipop from my purse to cheer her up, and that only worked until she’d eaten it all up.

Once we’d picked out our special plants and brought them back home, Brooke and I began the task of planting (again!) the veggies.

Brooke is great because she reminds me to stop and smell the onions every once in a while.

Once we were finished, our garden looked sooo much happier!  And so did we.  So, here’s to a long, warm summer with lots of rain and LOTS of fresh veggies.


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