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S.O.S.–Save Our Strawberries!

I LOOOOVE my strawberry plants.  They grow so vigorously!  And they aren’t very needy at all…I’ve even forgotten to water them for a while, but they still keep on growing, flowering, and producing.  They were the first things to green up around here after our long winter, and that was a lovely sight to see.  Their white blooms are so cheery!

And we have scores of green strawberries that are growing bigger and redder every day.  Truly, there is nothing better than picking and eating strawberries from a garden after a long day playing in the sprinklers.  BUT!  Imagine my horror when I approached the plants to check everything out and a small bird flew out of the strawberry bed.  Horrified, I confirmed what he was doing in there.

Eating MY strawberries.

What is there to be done about this?  Does anyone have a solution for strawberry theiving birds and keeping them out of a garden?  Are their nets like for mosquitoes?  Bird guards?  Anything? 


2 Responses

  1. I’ve had to completely cover my strawberry plants. Last year I got away with “chicken-wire” around them. I had to add a screen covering this year. It doesn’t take long for a bird or rodent to ensue havok on strawberry plants. Good luck.

  2. […] year. *sob* Not that I ever got to eat the stinkin’ berries, with all the birds around here (Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, and then I gave […]

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