Oh, The Hairmanity.

When The Toddler was born, she weighed in at 6 pounds 11 ounces. After getting a good look at her, I estimated that really, that weight included 2 pounds of girly baby and almost 5 pounds of dark, curly hair. Even in the ultrasounds, which I recieved every week towards the end of my high risk pregnancy with her, the doctors would exclaim, “Look at all that HAIR on her head! Nurse, have you ever seen so much HAIR in eutero? Look at that afro she’s got!”

Consequently, her hair has outpaced even her physical growth. But being that she’s still a toddler and not a teenager, she has yet to appreciate her lovely, curly, shiny brown locks. Heaven forbid I wash it in the tub. Knowing the drill, she begins to beg “don’t get the brush! NOT THE BRUSH!” as soon as the shampoo is rinsed. When I inevitably do get the brush, it is tears and yelling until all the rat’s nests are cleared away (which is no small feat!). And she really doesn’t care for it to be too styled–cute headbands & hair bows are right out. I manage to get an elastic in about 50% of the time, the other 50% she walks around like Cousin It, which causes hubby to question my mothering skills.

Around about the time she wandered down the stairs with an impressive assortment of tangles in her hair, I decided to give her the first haircut of her life.

I think she could sense this diabolical thought in my mind, and she turned to flee. But, she was wearing my shoes and so she didn’t get very far, very fast. Ha! But seriously, check out that snarl!

As you may imagine, the haircut was not a pleasant experience. I even went to a fancy shmancy kids hair ‘studio’ where you pay an obscene amount of money so your kid can sit in a racecar and watch videos on a TV. No go. The Toddler was miserable….almost as miserable as the lady cutting her hair. (Apparently, you have to pay extra for a ‘stylist with a good attitude’ package).

I held up well until she broke out the lip. Not the pouty lip! She knows it gets me every time.

Alls well that ends well. The stylist cut her hair as quickly as humanly possible, sacrificing a straight, even edge to get us out of there ASAP. Brushing her hair has gotten easier, but she still cries. Still no hair bows or cute headbands. I still only get an elastic in her hair 50% of the time, and hubby still questions my mothering skills. But, it did bring out her adorable curls!


3 Responses

  1. I think I snorted a little at the first picture. She is so adorable.

  2. This post was great and all, but I’d really like to see more pics of your garden and bunnies, please.

  3. […] me in Sassy’s 6th year here. She still does not like for food to have parties in her tummy. Her hair still tangles like nothing I’ve ever seen. She’s happy with the bob haircut–minimal brushing and […]

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