Golf Camp

As if having The Naturalist go away to Sea World Camp last Saturday wasn’t enough, today The Golfer headed off to Nike Golf Camp. It isn’t so bad, though…his is only a day camp so he comes home every day at 4.

We had to be out the door by 8:45, which normally isn’t a problem because my kids all get up at the butt-crack of dawn. But because we were on a timed schedule, The Toddler and The Golfer chose today to sleeeeeep in. I finally had to wake The Golfer up and he was feeling a bit nervous. He gets a bit hesitant when it’s time to do things he’s never done before, so we decided that he’d just go check it out and decide if he wanted to stay or not.

In the back of my mind I’m thinking…”The check’s already been cashed, buddy, so you are going to stay whether you like it or not” but I know it’s important for him to make that decision rather than feel forced into it. So I bit my tongue and hoped the green course would be a siren song to him and he’d forget how nervous he was of the unknown.

Off we went to Rancho San Joaquin, where they are holding the camp and where my brother, Crazy Hair, and my hubby have often played. It’s a nice little tricky course with lots of sand and water. The Golfer and I walked up, signed in, and chilled a little bit to check out the other players. The Golfer needs a little ‘warm up time’ where he watches what’s going on before he jumps into the action.

There were lots of cute little boys and girls with golf bags practically bigger than they were. The Golfer hovered close beside me, which was nice for my ego after being blown off so totally when dropping The Naturalist off at her camp. Eventually he drifted further and further away. When everyone was herded off to the chipping green, The Golfer gave me a small and sweet smile and went off to his first day of camp.

Don’t you just love it? Golf shoes! Hands in pocket! Nike hat and collared shirt! Could he BE any cuter?!


3 Responses

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  2. T$-

    You are a great writer. I appreciate all the great pictures! Love you!

  3. What a fun and wonderful week ahead for CartE at Golf Camp. Only takes a little understanding and time and things usually work out huh!?! Cant wait to hear all about it from Carter when we meet up…. and of course hearing the kitty cat purrrs from CodaBear about Disneyland…. cute cute cute…..and all about the critters from BrookE when she gets picked up! See you soon *Smooches to all*

    PS AND YEP YEP YEP, Todd is right YOU do a SUPER job with this site. Tks xoxoxoxo Mom

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