Just Add Water

So, Toddler. Everyone’s away at camp. It’s just you and me, kid! How about we take this opportunity to sleep in until 10 every morning! No? You still want to get up at 7 am and eat right away? Because sometimes it’s nice to wake up, sit in bed for a few minutes–stretch and think a little bit–then get up and mosey around before screaming for someone to get you breakfast right away. I’m just saying.

We can sit around all day eating brownies and sugar cereal while watching the History channel! Or, we could lay out on the patio and read some books? Does that sound fun? No, I didn’t think it would.

Ah, I have an idea. Let’s enjoy what Irvine has to offer and go to the best lagoon pool EVER.

I knew you’d like it! And, miraculously, there are hardly any other families here. What are the odds? It’s our own little playground today. Go ahead, climb the rocks in the middle!

You can slide down the waterslides, too! No? They’re too fast? Maybe later, you say? Alright, there’s lots more to do! Go ahead, walk around! The lagoon is only about 2 1/2 feet deep most of the way around, so you’ll be OK.

Playing in the sand is always fun, and this year I’m pretty sure you won’t eat massive amounts of the stuff and get sick to your stomach. I can’t believe what a big girl you are now!

Oh, hey, what’s that you’re doing? Taking cold water and dumping it all over me? That wasn’t in the deal. You know how I really don’t like water poured all over my head and down my front! Deal with it, you say? Now I know how you feel in the tub? Well, except I don’t dump ice cold water all over you…there is a difference. And I at least try to keep it out of your eyes, I really do.

Alright, I’ll make a deal with you. You can do whatever makes you happy, as long as I can sit here on the sand for a while. It’s called ‘relaxing’, and you should do it more often! It’s good for the ‘ole heart and mind. No, I didn’t think you would want to. But thanks for letting me sit a spell!

I sure miss your brother and sister, but I’m having a lot of fun with you. Let’s do this again tomorrow!

(edited to add….apparently the site of my naked calf muscle in the above picture was too hot for photobucket. I’m so flattered!!!)


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  1. Can’t wait to come down and help out with that “lil gore”. She’s a sweetie!

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