A Princess and her Castle

With my older 2 kids at camp the same week, and unable to find a toddler camp that would simultaneously potty train and teach my youngest to say something other than “I can’t do that ‘cuz a BUG is eating my BRAIN!!!!”, I needed to find something for The Toddler and I to do during our day.

Even though Disneyland is only 10 minutes from my dad’s house, I wasn’t really considering it. I just find it a difficult place to go in the summer season with a kid under 4–long lines, lots of people, hot weather, and a lot of money!

However. When your almost certainly last child puts on a tiara and tells you she wants to ‘find the Disneyland castle and dance like a princess’, then you melt into a puddle, take a picture, and go directly there–budget be damned.

From the moment we walked through the gates, all she focused on was finding the castle.

As we made our way down Main Street, behind the trolley, she started squealing. Apparently, at the moment she saw the castle, words escaped her. She resorted to ‘cat speak’ which is a series of high pitched squeaks and meows.

“Eeeeee meeeeoowwwww Mmmm Mmmmm eeeee!” which translated is, “Look, ma! My castle!”

Happily, it didn’t turn out to be as crowded as I’d expected. We rode most of the rides with minimal wait times. There is a ‘golden’ time from the time the park opens until about 11, when lines are pretty short. It gets crazy from 11 until about 5 or 6, and then starts thinning out again.

First there was the carousel, which she loved:

Then Dumbo, the flying elephant ride:

Then the Jungle Cruise ride, which she didn’t like so much. I think I have a picture of me at the same age, doing the same thing. Except I don’t think I’d come up with the cat speak then.

We took some time to eat some yummy candy.

But for the Toddler, all roads led back to the castle. Do you see it there, at the entrance to Fantasyland?

Sometimes a picture captures a moment in time that imprints on a mom’s heart. For me, this next picture is what I’ll remember about taking the Toddler to Disneyland. Nothing else matters at that moment. It’s simply and sweetly just a princess and her castle.


3 Responses

  1. You have to be the coolest mom in the world. Not to mention that you will never forget the way that she looked today, full of childhood dreams and innocence. So sweet!

  2. That’s about the sweetest thing I ever read

  3. That is so sweet! I wish I was there. Remember when Dakota was a newby and we would hold her up infront of everything, trying to hide our hands under the blanket, so she was just floating 🙂 I hate having to grow up and have my own life, I like just following you and your family around.

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