Where in the world?

I’m such a sucker for interactive maps that show where you’ve been. In fact, I’ve been mulling over a project where I would take a map of the world/US, attach it to a wall, and then put a stick pin in every place that we’ve travelled to…maybe different colors for each one of us in the family. It looks really cool on the wall at the Beau Jo’s Pizza in Idaho Springs!

So, to test it out, I made myself an online map of my own adventures. It really brings back the memories! And made me stop and think….I’m so glad I have been able to travel to so much of the US. If my Dad hadn’t picked up jobs and moved from Orange County to Wall Street, moving all of us with him, then I never EVER would have experienced New England like I did. And if my parents hadn’t taken a sabbatical and driven us all around in a rust covered, pop top, VW Vanagon, then I NEVER EVER would have experienced the entire middle swatch of the US. And if I hadn’t gotten married so young, which means both hubby and I moved around quite a bit to finish up schooling/climb up the job ladder/burn the job ladder down and start fresh, then I never would have experienced the south as much as I did.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Whoo Hoo! 41 states, or 80%! It kinda makes me wonder if the states I’ve missed feel left out? I mean, West Virginia has every reason to feel neglected and overlooked. How is it possible to travel through all the surrounding states and not hit at least a part of W. Va. ??? Is there some dark space in my mind that has a secret avoidance of the place? Do I need counseling to fix this apparent statophobia?

And I can’t forget the world map…

create your own visited countries map

Poor Asia, Africa & the Middle East. You will be next! When living in Hungary, we tried to venture into the Ukraine so we’d have a whole other continent under our belt. But, the trip required us to travel through Romania and then to Ukraine, both places where it was advised to ‘bring in your own food, water & living supplies’ during the extent of the visit. And, transportation was spotty, so be prepared for long delays before public transportation would show up (if at all). But that alone wasn’t enough to stop us from going–we tried to rent our own car but no one in Hungary would rent one to us for going to those places. I’m sure it’s different now, that was 7 years ago. But, we just felt that with 2 small kids (The Naturalist & Golfer were only 4 & 1, respectively.) we’d do something less adventurous. Like, taking the night train to Switzerland which took 22 hours. Yeah, THAT was a lot less work. :heavy sarcasm:

I am pleased that I’m representing with Venezuela on the board. Yeah yeah!

But the thought that I’ve only seen 8% of the world is rather sobering. I feel very myopic in a way I hadn’t before. Maybe Amazing Race will call up and tell me they have a spot for me! I think hubby and I would make a good team, I mean, we shlep our kids all over the place with a reasonable skill. We also tend to verbally jab each other when stressed, and you know how much AR loves a couple that look like they’re about to explode. I think we can cover that.

I don’t know if asking you all to do this is a meme or what…but make your own maps and share! I’m totally having the kids fill out their own and then figure out what percentage of the country they’ve seen. Which is a very traditional homeschool move. BUT! I’m letting them use a calculator, which is a very unschooling move. I’m so sneaky with my evil math.


5 Responses

  1. West Virginia is a very beautiful state. No wonder John Denver sang about it!

    I love the map idea, too! I think I’ll do it. But I want one on the wall of my house!
    love, Kas


  2. You had me at Beeeaaaauuuu Joooooooeees! In Idaho Springs, no less — the first one I visited (on my first CO ski trip) in 1991.


  3. I hate to be the one to tell you that you were in West Virginia on our VW Van trip in 1980. We camped outside Charelston, the Capitol. We went into the capitol & got to see & hear the children’s orchestra. We were on our way to Revolutionary sites in Saratoga so we didn’t spend more time.
    So color in WV.

  4. So which is more offensive to a state….me not visiting it on purpose, or me visiting it but forgetting that I had. Either way, West Virginia—I have some ‘splainin’ to do.

  5. […] 2007 by childsplay I’m positively dizzy with excitement! You all know of my weakness for interactive maps of any kind. And after seeing some Clustrmaps on some other blogs, I decided I had to get one of my very own. I […]

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