If You Give A Kid A Camera…at the John Wesley Powell Museum

While traveling through Green River, Utah, on our trip from Colorado to California, we stopped at the John Wesley Powell Museum. (this next picture is from me…the last one I took before The Golfer took over).

The Golfer remembered hearing about JWP from my dad, who is a professional armchair historian. Because my boy was the most excited to be at the museum, I gave him the digital camera to take with him around the exibit. This was a big step for me, because the last time I loaned him my camera, in Mesa Verde, he accidentally dropped it. It was DOA and we ponied up for a new one–because apparently our ‘insurance’ didn’t cover ‘accidental dropping and shattering’.

It is almost inevitable that he will be the one to trip over something, or drop something, or spill something. He had one impressive streak going when he was 3—everytime we sat down to eat dinner, he’d be sitting there one minute and then falling off the chair the next. Every night. Even still, he’ll be sitting at the table, and then suddenly he’s on the ground–usually taking his plate full of food with him. Sometimes it’s like the laws of gravity work harder on him than they do on anyone else.

Anyways, he got the camera and walked around the museum taking pictures of everything he found interesting, and everything he wanted to share with my dad. We were all amazed to discover that JWP lost an arm in the Civil War and did all his explorations one armed!

This next picture is a snazzy piece of photography. It’s a sculpture that has the men in the boat tilted at a 50 degree angle, and he got right down front and snapped it looking up. He loved this display!

I thought this was an interesting shot…maybe he’s a future geologist? Or just nerdy?!

The Toddler even enjoyed herself, especially at the ‘rocks & minerals’ display.

And the most important picture…the one I personally love the most….his self portrait.