Golf Chic

The Golfer brought two things to the Nike Golf Camp this year: his adorable saddle (golf) shoes, and a new set of golf clubs.

First…the shoes. I :heart: saddle shoes. Back when I was in the 6th grade, I had two pairs of shoes. Penny loafers (with pennies in them thankyouverymuch) and saddle shoes. I was very depressed when they had to leave my shoe rotation, because it was a very specific fad and once that went out of style I knew it wasn’t coming back. (Although, I said that about high waisted pants, so you never know.)

Imagine my glee when I took The Golfer around to some of his first tournaments and realized that not only were saddle shoes back, they were being worn by scores of golfers all around the country! Boy golfers, no less! It didn’t take long to trade in his ratty sneakers for some snazzy new saddle shoes.

Next…the clubs. The Golfer is sporting a US Kids Golf bag & clubs, Tour Series. Because of a growth spurt last year, The Golfer was in the market for a new set of bigger clubs. However, bigger clubs usually mean heavier clubs, which can hurt him AND his golf game because his muscles tire out quickly from swinging them during a round. So, there’s always a balance between how much club he can swing and how big (or small, actually) he is.

As you can see, the bag & clubs are almost as big as he is.

Here’s where the brilliance of the ‘Tour Series’ clubs come in. The driver is titanium, and the irons have graphite shafts. They are big clubs, but are very light. The Golfer tried them out at his favorite indoor golf place, Leonard’s. It was love at first swing. However, the cost was a bit more than we could spend at the time, and so until we could save up for the set he could only look at them from afar and wish for them every night.

On one of his usual visits to the indoor golf facility, to do a little putting/chipping, Leonard had a surprise for him. Out from behind a chair, he brought… THE CLUBS! The Tour Series! The same ones that The Golfer had been thinking and dreaming about! They now belonged to him! Apparently, an older couple without any kids of their own had watched The Golfer enough to want to help him reach his potential. Their generous gift of the clubs was their way of doing so. They told Leonard they had never seen such focus and determination in any golfer, let alone in one so young, and that they wanted to be able to say “I gave that guy clubs when he was 7!” when he became a famous golfer one day.

They asked to remain anonymous, so I can’t thank them personally. (The Golfer did sketch out a thank you card with a drawing of himself with the clubs on a golf course, which was cute.) So, all I can do is try to show their generosity to other people. This really was the coolest thing to happen to The Golfer, and he’s put them to good use. He used them to defend his State Champion title earlier in June, and in August he’ll take them to the US Kids Golf World Championship.

Thank you, anonymous golf club givers! This was the best and most unexpected gift ever!