If You Give A Kid A Camera…at the Pool.

(photos courtesy of The Naturalist and The Golfer)

What is a trip to California without a visit to the pool? Or, in our case, daily visits to the pool. Because my dad lives in a Southern California Paradise, we have a large selection of places to choose from.

Up until this year, my kids hadn’t enjoyed the whole pool experience like I did when I was a kid. I remember swimming like a mermaid and staying underwater long enough to watch my hair billow in the currents. I remember pretending to be a dolphin and escaping into my underwater cave. When I watched my kids play in the pool, though, I noticed they didn’t stay very long under the water. They would use one hand to ‘steer’, and the other hand to ‘pinch the nose’. If you’ve ever tried this, you know that 1) you don’t get far far, very fast, & 2) you don’t stay underwater very easily.

However, I paid good money for swim lessons for the Naturalist a while ago, and rule #1 was ONLY USE SWIM GOGGLES FOR SWIMMING, NEVER SNORKLE GOGGLES. You know the difference–swim goggles only cover the eyes, while snorkle goggles cover the eyes and nose. The reasoning was that they wanted the kids to learn how to blow ‘nose bubbles’ so they could swim ‘the right way’. And so, I only bought swim goggles.

But now I’m a rebelious unschooler, and I broke rule #1 and bought snorkle goggles for this trip. “Free your hands, kids! Let the goggles hold your nose!” It’s been revolutionary, and in two days The Golfer has learned how to swim the length of the pool and dive down to 6 feet! The swimming lesson people would probably shriek in horror if they saw us, and tell us again how we’re not doing it the ‘right way’. But I don’t think The Golfer really cares.

And neither does The Naturalist, who I’m happy to say found her inner peace at the pool.

The Toddler isn’t quite ready for the full immersion experience yet, but she still came in to play with us.


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