Some days are better than others.

Sometimes there are days when my youngest keeps telling me that she can’t do anything because she’s ‘out of batteries’. When pressed about the scientific plausibility of her remark, she switches over to a different tactic. “I can’t do it. A BUG ate my BRAIN!!!” she wails. Just about the time I think up a response to that, I realize that she’s 3 and there are no logical responses to it.

And sometimes, on that same day, The Naturalist tells me she’s making a raft in the garage that she’ll take down to the river. Only hours later do I put that fact into context with the rest of her questions about ‘old, unused tires’ and what things float or sink, and realize that she has made a raft out of my tatooed sister’s brand new SNOW TIRES, found a way to get them hitched onto the back of her bicycle, riden them down to the stream/river (depending on the rainfall for the week), and hauled them to the riverbank. After a lot of work, she’s recovered 3 from the riverbottom but the last one is still MIA. Nonplussed about it, The Naturalist has plans already underway for a dog walking business that will recoup the loss and give money back to my tatooed sister.

And then, that day also has a huge thunderstorm that sends The Golfer into fits. And, I mean, absolutely terrified fits. I believe the scientific phrase is ‘brontophobia’…a thunder phobia. We do everything we can for him, which involves loud music, dancing like fools, ice cream, off key singing, and deep breathing.

Days like this make me tired. Those ‘Calgon, take me away!’ people knew what they were talking about! Instead of bathing, I look at my iphoto archives and lose myself in pictures I’ve taken of places I’ve been. This one is a particular favorite, taken at Lake Hebgen in West Yellowstone.

Ah, yes, it’s like I’m there. Water lapping gently against the shore, otters playing in the lake currents, the crackling fire slowly roasting marshmallows….


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