Park Days

If you are getting tired and bored of the parks around you, chances are that a homeschooler in the area can give you a list of 15 different parks you’ve never heard of, let alone been to, all within a 10 mile radius of your house.  We’re helpful like that. Because the fact is, parks are a homeschoolers best friend. So much ‘learning’ goes on there…and not the boring, sit at your desk and fill out worksheets type learning…the fun, experiential kind. One of these days I’m going to write a “Science at the Park” post because it’s very hard for the uninitiated to watch kids laughing, swinging, jumping, rolling, running and balancing and think, “Hmmm, that’s a good science lesson right there.” But it totally is! Just use a little imagination, and think of all the physics involved and simple machinery used there. I see the park in a different light, and value it as more than just ‘play’…and one of these days I’ll get out the boring state standards to reference, just to prove the point. Until I do, here’s some ‘playground lessons‘.

In any case, here’s the kind of stuff we like to do at the park.

The Naturalist & the golfer like to climb up a rock and see who can get to the top fastest.  The Naturalist’s long arms and legs give her a distinct advantage.

Then, the younger two take off to race to the top of a hill.  The Golfer’s long legs give him a distinct advantage.

Not that it stops The Toddler from yelling, “YESSSS!  I WIN!  I’m the WINNER!!!  You lose, I WIN!!!” as soon as she reaches the top of the hill. I really don’ t know where she gets this attitude from.

Then they roll down as fast as they can.

Any way that they can.

And then, when we’re all nice and tired and sweaty, we drive through Sonic to get some Cherry Limeade’s with the heavenly pebble ice.  And some Tots.  And maybe a grilled cheese sandwich or two.  Really, velveeta has never been put to greater use what Sonic does with it. 

Park + Sonic (sunny day) = happy family!