The Y’s Make A Home.

Here is The Naturalists sophmore claymation film, “The Y’s Home”!

I knew something was in the works when she asked for the camera and then dissappeared for an afternoon. When she surfaced for some food and a little fresh air, she had a great little movie about how her claymation people found a home. After watching her have so much fun adding the finishing touches to her last film, I begged her to let me help pick out the music, so we had a great time finding just the right song.

Et voila! Le Y’s!

On a side note, I love watching kids becoming so engrossed in something that they lose all track of time.  Hyper-focused, I guess you can call it.  Especially when it’s a kid, like The Naturalist, who has been labeled with the ADHD tag.  When learning and skills are pertinent and immediate, the typical (or stereotypical)  ADHD behavior is nowhere to be found.   Happily, unschooling makes this kind of focus possible pretty often, because it is so interest driven.  I’ve found that The Naturalist is much more tuned in to more of her day, and the flights of imagination that made school so difficult to sit through actually serve her quite well when she can then funnel her thoughts into different projects.

And on a side side note, I really really love the Frames software that comes with this Claymation kit from Mindware. It’s really intuitive and The Naturalist picked up how to create a basic film after a day tinkering around with it! It comes with music, clip art, special effects sounds, pictures organized according to subject, and an easy interface between the pictures and the stop motion film. The price is reasonable  and I highly recommend it  for anyone with a creative mind and imagination to spare. 


4 Responses

  1. This video is awesome! Thanks for the link to the software because I think my kids would absolutely love doing this. Please share with yours that I thought this video was phenomenal, as did both of my kids.

  2. I love it!!!!

  3. That was AWESOME! Tiff – I swear your daughter is one of the most creative kids I know!

  4. So very wonderful! It looks like they don’t have the kit at Mindware anymore (or at least not at the same link), but I will definitely have to track it down.

    Thanks for the video. I’m grinning ear to ear.

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