Defending State Golf Champion!

The countdown is on to the USKG World Championship in Pinehurst. The qualifier was held last month…the same one The Golfer won last year. In fact, that was the first tournament he’d ever entered. The USKG organization runs a really fun event.

Here’s The Golfer with his playing partners, who ended up placing 3rd and 4th.

Every golfer needs a caddy to carry the clubs…The Naturalist fills in nicely!

It’s all fun and games…until it’s time to play. I’m always amazed to see the transformation on The Golfer. One minute he’s chasing bugs and laughing, the next he’s got his club in his hand and is totally and seriously focused on getting the ball in the cup.

Last year he shot a one under par 35. This year he was heading for 3 over par, until he got to the last 3 holes. He managed to get a birdie, par, and then finished up with an eagle on a beautiful drive right that landed right off the green. He chipped it up within a few feet of the cup and then dropped it in. It gave him a final score of 36, and he placed 1st! He was really excited, because he wanted another chance to play at Pinehurst.

After the award ceremony, he gave me a big, proud smile.

And then he remembered he’s shy and got embarrassed at everyone clapping for him.

While he was playing, The Naturalist started constructing an award of her own for him…a pinecone decorated with all kinds of plants and flowers. He said he liked it even more than his medal. I love these stinkin’ kids!

This win qualified him for the World Championships, and so we’ll return again this year. He’s so excited to go back and play again!