Does a man’s home have to be a castle? Can it be a molehill, too?

While I get some photos organized, and some time to blog about the most amazing trip EVER that we just finished up, I’ll post about another exciting event going on in our lives.

It’s shocking. It’s bold. It’s daring. It’s totally opposite from what I would have done 3 years ago. It’s quite crazy. It might just put an end to my already thinly stretched sanity. But, it’s the right thing to do.

3 1/2 years ago, we moved to our house in Colorado from our house in Vegas. Our plan was to be anchored to a home that would work as a home base for everyone. We anticipated all the kids would be in public school for 7-8 hours a day in the upcoming years, which would leave me plenty of time to find a job and bring in a second income–something I haven’t done since having kids 11 years ago. We anticipated growing roots in this community and then staying here in this little rural town right beside a hip, urban city.

And then everything changed.

Taking The Naturalist out of school started a seizmic shift in our everyday lives. In the beginning, I thought homeschooling was about teaching a child what they were supposed to know. And to some, that is the extent of it. But to others, it becomes something more. It turns into a way of doing things…a philosophy of living and exploring. My role is less teacher and more facilitator, helping my kids discover a love of learning and understanding. And because we’re doing this all day and night together, it has better be an experience that all of us appreciate! I could never have anticipated the domino effect that beginning to homeschool would have on us…our eating, sleeping, and interacting.

So here we are in a house that I love, but not living the life I thought we would. We’re not anchored here like I anticipated–in fact, our travel is something I love most about unschooling. I don’t have all my kids at school, and so I am not bringing in another income–in fact, between classes, trips, materials, books, and everything else, I am spending a bit more that I did before. Don’t get me wrong…homeschooling does not need to put a financial burden on a family. However, I now have another category of spending in my budget that wasn’t there before and it takes a little reallocation to make it work.

Hubby and I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t make sense to be in our wonderful, perfect, dream of a house. I love every bit of it’s craftsman style…I love the cherry wood floors, and the delightful details in the trim and molding. I love the sensible layout of rooms, and the high ceilings, and my really big closet. And the decadent jetted tub with mountain views. I love my front porch and my rose bushes that have grown so big in 3 years! I love our playroom and all the memories we’ve made here. But in the biggest leap of our new ‘lifestyle’, we’re putting our house up for sale.

Hubby and I would rather spend time and energy on our family, not on our house. We’re looking for something smaller, and closer to where hubby works. In short, a not so big house to accompany our not so big life.

The prospect of keeping the house in viewing condition for who knows how long….daunting. The thought of packing boxes and physically moving out…overwhelming. Simplifying our lives…priceless.

I really can’t believe we’re doing this, it’s amazing how much change can happen in a few short years, but here we go!


9 Responses

  1. I really admire you and your husband for making this kind of change in your lives. It’s unselfish, to say the least, and what a gift to give to your family.


  2. I just luuuurve Sarah Sushanka — she totally gets it. Sooo….how much closer? Where does he work, anyway? And will you leave the trampoline? 😉

  3. Moving will be super fantastic. You, in anyone, can pull off moving without a hitch. Yeah, about that trampoline…I saw it, I wanted it, you must have one just like it at the new place.

  4. Evie…it’s quite a change, one I never envisioned but am excited (and a little nervous) for.

    Julie & Mel…the trampoline! That will be the hardest to say goodbye to. What will I do without it?!

  5. The trampoline was my first thought as well. Along w/ “Now where will we all meet up? Who else has a huge house?” (Kooky – that would be you. 😉 )

    Good luck w/ that “keeping it clean” thing. Very bold move. Totally admirable. You rock, crunchy unschool supermom. 🙂

  6. You are going to do fab! I am so ubber excited for your family. Good luck with the “keeping it clean” thing, if you figure out how can you PM me please?! 😉

  7. Hey Tiff! Wow! Well – does DH work closer to Broomfield? Maybe you should come see my not so big house. . . It actually had a kinda big yard – perfect for a trampoline!

  8. HAS – has a kinda big yard – did you know you can’t edit your comments? Be careful what you say!

  9. […] Except…we were still tethered down. I slowly wished I had less house and more options. We tried briefly in 2007 to sell it, but my heart was kind of wishy washy and we never got an offer …. Yadda yadda yadda, the chance came to downsize and get into an RV and live on the beach or […]

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