Labor Day Shenanigans

In honor of Labor Day, I tried to do as little actual labor as possible.

The Golfer also suggested that we all get the day off of doing dishes and picking up after ourselves. I took one look at the overflowing sink of dirty dishes, multiplied it by three more meals, and decided to squash his hopes and dreams for the day to mandate our regular cleaning schedule. Or, I should say, their regular cleaning schedule. I secretly did bubkus today, but still maintained a look of general busy-ness to throw off hubby and the kids. I’m sneaky like that–which hubby knows but ignored for the day, to his credit.

This morning, rather than leaving at 6 am for work, said hubby was snuggled up in bed with me and The Golfer (who snuck in sometime before sunrise). At around 7, the Sassy Princess woke up and started howling for a very specific breakfast (Waffles! Chicken! Chocolate Milk in a little cup! Juicy blueberries!) and then the day was on. Hubby wanted to get started on 129837129 things on his to-do list, but I begged him to take on the Sassy Princess this morning so I could have a day off from that chore. I’m not a morning person, and it’s quite a jolt to have her going 8687686 miles an hour before my brain fully knows it’s even awake.

I plodded into the playroom to lay back down and watch The Golfer play on the Wii. The Naturalist took one look at me, realized she’d have to fend for herself if she wanted a decent breakfast, and made some pretty yummy and colorful pancakes (using food coloring to spruce up the pancake batter is a must in this house). Hubby managed to not only feed, clean up, change and dress The Sassy Princess (no, she’s not potty trained yet–another post for another time) but harness her energy into cleaning out the minivan. The same minivan we’d used on our trip to Minnesota and back and I hadn’t yet unloaded. This only reinforces my belief that Hubby is not only an excellent provider, but also a superior housewife.

I did have a small moment of victory when he stopped, sighed, wiped his sweaty brow while The Sassy Princess ran around him in circles speaking 1000 words a second, and asked if it was noon yet. A check on his watch showed only 8:30 and he sagged a little bit in defeat…but then he rallied and went on a daddy/daughter date to the carwash.

Meanwhile, I’d managed to put a bra on and lay back down.

Around lunch we reassembled to turn on the final day of the Fed Ex Cup playoffs with me rooting for Mickelson and The Golfer & hubby rooting for Tiger. Mickelson won! And! I managed to brush my hair and put on clean clothes! Astounding!

Then, at 4, the boys went golfing, while we girls went to a neighborhood Labor Day picnic. The highlights: both girls finding friends to talk to and play with, me getting some time to chat with some friends while stuffing my face with catered BBQ fixin’s, and no lightning strikes even though it looked like a storm would hit at any moment. The lowlights: one of my neighbors apparently harbors a secret passion for being the lead singer in a band. I had no idea, until I spotted him, mic in hand, howling along to the tracks from The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love”. Not only did his shrieking totally ruin the song for me, I don’t know how I’ll manage to look at him in the same way again. I mean, I realize that with my sucky singing voice, any criticism is me calling the kettle black. But not only was he rocking out in his tone deaf key to his own songs, he was commandering the karaoke microphone when little girls tried to sing Disney songs.

Girls: “I can show you the world…”
Him, grabbing the microphone: “TUMBLING, SOARING, FREEWHEELING!!!!”

I don’t know if I can look him in the eyes again.

The day is winding down, and I’m off to see if they have a marathon of ‘Dirty Jobs’ going on. That’d be the perfect ending to a day dedicated to the men and women who labor to make this country so great. So, Happy Labor Day, everyone! Put your white clothes away and your black clothes out, and come onnnnn fall!


2 Responses

  1. Wow, coloured pancakes, what a great idea. I’m going to give that a try.

    Great post!

  2. (g) I used to worry quite a lot about “no white after labor day”, though I am quite fond of whites, creams, and beiges in the dead of winter, and then the other day I heard something about it being antiquated, and some sort of ambiguous relation to Pat Boone, so I have decided that I may freely ignore it! I’ll not be wearing white patent leathers, of course!

    A great and humorous post, and one to which I can thoroughly relate.

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