“I’m a scientist today!”

So said The Golfer at about 8 this morning, after observing lots of interesting things about water while washing the morning dishes. There weren’t tons of things to clean, but he spent an hour at the sink doing all kinds of experiments on buoyancy, the property of water, making whirlpools, suction, and bubbles. Not that he called it any of that…to him, he was just playing in a sinkful of bubble water with some dishes. I once read something like “to a physicist, all the world is a sandbox” and I’ve always liked that imagery. I think of it when I see my kids discovering things at the park, in the sink, in the mud, or anywhere else they happen to be.

Once the dishes were cleaned, he and The Naturalist got out an Electricity Activity book I picked up on clearance at Borders Books a couple months ago. They had a blast with it. They searched high and low for things that conduct electricity and ended up with a huge pile of stuff that made for an amusing experiment. They were looking forward to electrocuting a plastic army man and were dissapointed when he didn’t spark up and melt. They kept straight faces while announcing that “Mom’s underwear does not conduct electricity” and then burst into peals of laughter.

While they were off doing all that, I was able to whip up another batch of banana muffins (since the kids and I mowed through the first dozen I baked earlier in the morning) AND put chicken in the crock pot for dinner. I didn’t follow a recipe, just used things I had lying around, neglected, in my refrigerator. Does this sound like it will work? Bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, italian dressing, chicken breast, cooked in the crockpot for the day. ??? We’ll see. I do have some yummy Basrati rice from Costco that makes everything better.

The kids then bolted outside to play tennis against our garage door. We’ve been watching the US Open at night, can you tell? The Naturalist, who apparently bequeathed all her sports ability to The Golfer upon his birth, lasted about 2 minutes before setting up a gallery and yelling out for The Golfers autograph when he made a good shot.

And then The Golfer threw up all over our front yard on account of drinking 3 cups of Ovaltine with his banana muffins. Apparently, the fact that it was ‘healthier’ than Nesquick was his green flag to pound it down. About the time he asked if 3 cups would make him hurl, he did. All over the front walkway. Laughing, I shouted for him to get over the grass, which he did before spewing the rest of the contents of his stomach all over. A couple of neighbors walking their dogs got a nice view of it all and I can only imagine what they thought. “There’s that crazy unschooling family that do nothing but run around and play all day. Poor kids. And that poor boy, getting sick all over the place with that crazy mom doing nothing but laughing.” It was a moment that reminded me of a particular encounter that swissarmywife had with one of her neighbors. But hey, all the lecturing in the world about good eating choices is NOTHING compared to having him hurl all over the place. I didn’t even say anything…afterwards he was all, “Next time, I’ll choose better!”

He rebounded quickly, and now they’re flying their remote control helicopters around the backyard. They are also birdwatching, because their favorite red tailed hawk is out with his girlfriend, buzzing our house.

It’s not even noon yet…what more is in store for today?!

Some days are an explosion of activity and questions, and I can’t even keep up with the curiosity and discovery.