Summer Love

Here I am. The Sassy Princess. Just sitting here by my lonesome, with a big ‘ole bucket of rocks that I’ve carefully collected, and that I’m throwing into the lake.

Oh, hello there boy! What’s that you’ve got there?

That’s really interesting! Let me scoot over so you can sit beside me and we can look at it together!

Isn’t this nice? Just sitting here together, looking at worms. Isn’t the lake beautiful today? So calm and peaceful!

Uh, hey bub, you’re getting a little to close. I mean, I can see the worm just fine with you over there. Listen, you look at me when I’m talking to you. Why aren’t you looking at me? What are you…. HEY! Were you staring at my bucket of rocks? MY ROCKS? Is that all you care about? Why, you were just using me to get to the rocks! Well I’m NOT SHARING THEM. You could have just asked like a gentleman. Instead, I’ll just sit here throwing my own rocks into the lake and ignore you. I’ll just pretend you were never even here. Humph. And I don’t care if you DO throw a fit. I’m still ignoring you.

Summer love. It never lasts. *sigh*