Big Stone Lake, Minnesota

Q: What do you call a pack of 7 kids roughing it next to a lake for a whole week?
A: Happy!

Here they all are, plotting the events of the day. This probably involved (please excuse the massive amount of pictures…but sometimes photo essays are so much easier!):

running to the lake:

letting off rockets:


swimming all day long:

ringing the breakfast, lunch, and dinner bell:

Catching frogs:

talking about secret cousin stuff:

telling me what to do:

exploring nature:

celebrating birthdays–both The Golfer and The Naturalist have birthdays one day apart:

oh, and did I mention swimming?

This trip is a favorite one for the kids and I to take…this year it was even more special with my nieces, nephews, and mom along with us! I can think of no better place to pretend to be Tom Sawyer and just let yourself go free.


10 Responses

  1. Man, that looks fantastic. That was w/ the WWWW, right?

    The dress that the SP is wearing – SO FREAKING CUTE! Is that something someone made for her? Or is that something I could acquire for my own SP? I’m in love over here.

  2. I pretend I made the dress every time she wears it, but really it was Target clearance. They had the best sundresses this year. I’ll check and see if they have stragglers leftover.

    So, to sum up….you have no Target, but are in Italy. I have no Italy, but a Target. 🙂

  3. Ah, but next week I’ll have Target! :happy: 😉

  4. Um, you’re teasing us about the “roughing it” thing, right?
    Cuz to me, see, That means fetching your own water out of the campground pump, and hauling it back to your campsite, banging it against your leg the whole time, limping along, and arriving back to the table grouchy and out of breath and thoroughly bruised…. just to spend the next hour washing dishes on the picnic table…
    I am suspicious of you.
    It appears to me that you are residing in a cabin, and I suspect not bathing in a freezing river and rescuing burnt hotdogs out of the fire’s ashes because you’re exhausted and starving…..
    While we did not go camping this year (for we have another babe and I was not up for the never-ending chores) the very next time we go I will take plenty of pictures for you to witness how the other half live!

  5. woops – I spent so much time giving you a hard time that I forgot to say that the pictures are wonderful – I especially like the jumping pier pics and the rope swing pictures!
    and the ‘girl talk” one!

  6. Jen…Italy AND Target? Life is soooo not fair.

  7. Stephanie….from your description…apparently, I’ve never ‘roughed it’.

    Our definition is: going to a place without TV or computer or internet access, with communal showers, no dishwasher or washing machine, bugs inside the cabins (yes, you are correct, no tents for us!), and no toys. This is our version of roughing it. ;P

    Your version sounds, well, very rough!

  8. tiff we had a great time with you…I read this and I miss you so much!

  9. […] Travel Buddies. Posted on June 2, 2008 by childsplay So, this trip to Moab we are traveling with my nieces and nephews, a la the Great Minnesota Trip of ‘07. […]

  10. […] So, this trip to Moab we are traveling with my nieces and nephews, a la the Great Minnesota Trip of ’07. […]

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