Art Projects

Here is a picture by The Golfer. It’s a golf course. I know, shocking! The yellow are all the sand traps, the blue dots are water, the tee box is on the left while the green is on the right.

Here is a picture by The Naturalist. A lovely still life of some blooming flowers. I love the yellow ones!

Medium used: cake frosting (and sprinkles!) on paper. Frozen in the freezer for a day, and then eaten that night after dinner. The kids call them “Edipics” as in “edible pictures”. The transitionary nature of the pieces makes them very hard to frame, but it’s great art while it lasts.


7 Responses

  1. Goodness, I was inspired by mold earlier today, now I am thoroughly captivated by icing!
    I just love these brilliant unschoolers!

    One other thing – I figured out your secret code name! 🙂
    I wasn’t sure, but I thought “I think This One is That One”, but didn’t know how I knew, but now I do, and am relieved!
    Not trying to tease you, but I was concerned after I wrote my last comment, and thought “what if it isn’t the same, and she thought I was just being mean about the camping thing?” Mean was not my intent, only teasing in fun.

    On that note – the new banner is my very favorite picture!
    Says so much for an enchanted childhood!
    Feel free to delete this comment – I’d have sent it personal if I coulda.

    (olm and happy and free blogs)

  2. Steph…unless someone comes right out and says, “You suck”, I pretty much don’t take anything personally. 🙂 You must have laughed when I wrote ‘roughing it’, after doing some hard core camping like you have. One day I’ll write about my ‘camping trip’ into the High Sierra mountains. You’ll die.

    And yes, you now know my super secret code name…I don’t know why it wouldn’t leave my regular childsplay name? but glad you figured it out.

    And…is the top picture blurry to you? The banner looks kinda pixelated on my end, and it’s driving me nuts. But I like your fancy banner, it looks nice!

  3. The banner looks kind of pixely to me, but still great. How much fun does that look like?

    We came over just to check out your map. Jayne was very excited to see our dot.

    Frozen icing art! Here’s to playing with your food. (This project is right up Pregnant Tracey’s ally. You should totally email her this idea. 😉 )

  4. Icing art! I have to try this out.

    As for the new banner, it is pixelated (is that a word?) for me too, but I think it adds to the effect. It’s a very lovely shot.

  5. well, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon as well and say that the icing art is just WOW! What a great idea! Here’s another thing for us to try this week.

    Thanks for posting this!


  6. My kids used the store ‘icing in a can’ that comes with the four tips to choose from. Just attach, point, and draw!

  7. It looks pixelated to me, too, but it’s such a great picture, I don’t think anyone cares!

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