A Boy and A Dog

We do not have any pets at our house. Not including the 2 Firebelly Toads in a terrarium…but they aren’t furry, cuddly, or trainable…so, I’m not including them in my tally.

You see, I am horribly allergic to animals of all kind. Cats are the worst (has anyone actually had their eyeball swell up? It’s not pretty), followed by horses and then dogs. I’m also allergic to chocolate, but somehow have worked my way around that. In any case, pets have been verboten here. The kids keep begging for a dog, but usually it’s right after I’ve popped out another kid, so I look around bewildered…like, ‘hey! Here’s your pet right here! It’s called ‘your brother/your sister!’ No one is fooled by this.

All things considered, a lovable, energetic dog is probably just what I need to harness the high energy level of my kids. I can see it now: The Sassy Princess would follow the dog around all day, instead of me. I bet he would be a better listener…I mean, I really try, but after 9 hours of constant jabber, I get a little tired. The Golfer would have someone to play ball with all day long. Again…the dog would be better at this than I am…because after 9 hours of constant sports requests…I get a little tired! The Naturalist would love to have a companion to go with her down to the creek, or to the park, or around the block on her bike. Because you know what? After about 9 hours of going going going constantly with her….I get a little tired! Hubby would probably enjoy having something around to cuddle up with after a hard day’s work, because after 9 hours times 3 kids, I’m not very snuggly. I’m more ‘very cranky’. I’m not proud of that, but there you have it.

Now that I’m pretty sure no more babies are going to be bounding out of my womb, maybe it’s time to seriously consider a pet dog. One mixed with poodle so my allergies aren’t totally crazy. I think I’m seriously considering this after our trip to Minnesota, where my friend brought her dog, Happy.

The Golfer liked to throw the ball.

Happy liked to retrieve the ball.

The Golfer liked to throw the ball.

Happy liked to retrieve the ball.

Throw, retrieve, throw, retrieve, throw, retrieve…all day long.

Now that I see the absolute staying power of playing catch for both the Golfer and dogs, I see that I will never EVER be able to outlast either of them. Maybe there is something to little boys being raised by wolves.

In either case, it really strengthened the argument for getting a dog.

2 Responses

  1. Great pictures. Yep, we need a dog, after we get a fence…

  2. Boys go good with dogs. That’s all i got.

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