Spot the Mom.

My friend and I took our kids to the zoo, and while watching them run around like urchins, we came up with a game called “Spot the Mom”. It goes a little something like this:

Obviously, this poor, exhausted rhino is a mom. She probably spent all day getting her brood fed, washed, groomed, fed again, and finally out the door to play with some neighborhood hippo’s.

Most likely she was halfway to the water pit to get caught up on her washing when she thought to herself, “I’ll just sit down here a spell and relax for a bit before I tackle the laundry” and before she knew it, she was passed out…tongue against the wall and head awkwardly resting on a rock. We’ve all been there, eh?

This arctic fox was trickier to peg as a mom. I mean, she’s looking good and relaxed laying there in the sun!

The only give away was that I’d seen her the year before, when she’d had time to get her hair done by a professional and cover all the gray:

But our most favorite ‘spot the mom’ was at the camel pen. Obviously, one of these camels isn’t like the others.

The humps take the most abuse in motherhood…they’re just never the same after. Unless you do what her camel friend next to her did, and get a hump augmentation. I heard she went to a fancy doctor at the San Diego Zoo to have the work done.