Random Thoughts–Mono anyone?

I’m wondering how many of you out there have had mono? AKA, the kissing disease? You know, it’s something that mostly high school kids get, and they get to take a few weeks/months off of school and totally opt out of gym for the rest of the year?

If so, how long did it affect you? Because it’s almost been a year since I began my delightful walk with mono (which no one else in my family got, and which my husband, who was travelling a lot back then, is suspicious as to how I managed to get it) and I still feel like it’s kicking my butt. The actual fever/sore throat/extreme fatigue lasted around 6 months. The secondary infections–like strep throat, sinus infections, funky skin rash, and ear infections–have kicked it into high gear for the past 6 months. Now, I seem to be in good, uninfected, health, except for the extreme fatigue I’m dealing with. I’m hesitant to go back to my doctor, seeing as I’ve singlehandedly paid for his boat and second home through all my visits this year…so, anyone deal with mono and if so, did it last for over a year? Please, I’m all ears. I’d LOVEto hear all about your personal experiences with this fascinating virus.

And check this out, I’m not the only one who thinks Mono is cute…someone came up with a plush stuffed mono to cuddle during the long, sleepless, aching, feverish nights.

Thank you, Giant Microbes, for being the weirdest webstore on the planet. Next, I’ll get the plush Flesh Eating Bacteria. But I’m staying away from the venereals!


2 Responses

  1. You can get it from drinking fountains….also there is a TMBG guy solo band called Mono Puff. I wonder if the little lovey above is what inspired the name?

    My sister battled mono at age 23 through age 25.

  2. I had mono when I was 15 and I was laid up for about 2 months.

    I didn’t know it could affect you for years or that it could result in secondary infections.

    Yikes, sounds awful. Hope you feel better soon.

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