Do The Hustle!

You must follow the links I am about to give you. I know, clicking through a link is scary enough that I usually don’t do it either…my computer is nice and clean and I’d hate to give it a STD by going to a dirty, skanky, unknown website. And usually, I don’t tell people what they ‘must’ do. It’s against my unschooling nature. If I were in Blogger or Typepad, I would be able to directly post this right into my blog. But you’ll have to trust me, since it doesn’t have code for wordpress (that I can tell)…these links are clean. And, fun! And you must click on them!


You can paste your own heads onto people dancing, JibJab style.

The Naturalist and The Golfer doing a little disco.

We can really do quite a can-can!

I have piles of laundry, a sinkful of dishes, and toys strewn everywhere…all because I can’t stop making these things. But the upside is, the kids and I have been laughing all day.

How can you not laugh, watching The Golfer do the Cucaracha with Tiger Woods?

3 Responses

  1. You are hysterical!! I’m dyin’ over here.

    Oh, no, will that upset The Golfer?

    I’m ROTFL- there that’s better.

  2. Lawsie mercy that was one of the funniest dang things I have seen! Seriously, as Ross Perot might say, “High-larious”!

  3. Flo– The Golfer appreciates you ROTFL instead of dying. ha!

    Evie–so when are you going to share one of you and the boys? lol

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