Hellooooo, Virginia!

So, we left this morning at 5 am with minimal drama. It was 40 something degrees out, so we bundled up under pants, long sleeved shirts, and sweaters. Hubby dropped us off and I swear I heard him say “better you than me!” as he left to go to a quiet house while I braved the airport and flight with the 3 kids. Well, actually, probably not, because he has to keep working all week so we can afford this little vacation. I’m sure he’d trade places with me in a second!

We had a layover in Atlanta, but all told we only spent about 5 1/2 hours in or around a plane. With the Sassy Princess asleep for more than half of it, I was able to binge on trashy magazines to my hearts content. Yay!

We step outside in Richmond to get the rental car and discovered the plane actually disembarked somewhere in Arizona. Surely Virginia doesn’t have 90 degree weather in October??? Where is my crisp fall air???

The only other notable thing that happened was….

….and hubby, sit down and take a deep breath for this one…I’m just going to come right out and say it….

The kids lost our entire collection of computer games and a large portion of music/movie CD’s.

….keep breathing, hubby. I know. I wanted to flip out when I realized that it was probably left somewhere in or around the seat. I did flip out, but in a calm, steady way.

The Naturalist was in charge, and except for a momentary ‘brain fog’ (as she calls it), she was doing a great job. I had a moment when I temporarily left my body at the thought of ALL OUR FAVORITE GAMES being left behind. I wanted to rant and rave at her to BE MORE RESPONSIBLE! and WHAT COULD SHE BE THINKING? and all that. And then I wondered if I shouldn’t have let her be the keeper for something that important. In some ways she is SO careful, but she is only 11! In my newfound unschooling center, and after removing myself to the other room for a bit, I thought about what I wanted them to take away from this. I wanted to fly off the handle, but more importantly I wanted to mirror how it’s best to handle this kind of situation. This isn’t the first or the last time they lose something valuable, so how do they make it right?.

The Naturalist, of course, kept her wits about her and suggested we call the airline, give them our seat number, flight number, and destination, and have them look in lost and found. Very sensible! The Golfer was running around saying, ‘This is the worst day ever. EVER! I wish this day never happened! Never happened AT ALL!’ but as we talked about finding a solution he gradually calmed down. Then he summed it up by saying, “Well, I guess I’d rather lose all my computer games than The Sassy Princess.” She responded by socking him in the stomach, but he still kept the sentiment.

…hubby, are you still with me? Can you imagine? He never even got to play ‘Blazing Angels’. He said that if we did, in fact, lose everything, that he’d be mad at The Naturalist for a day, and then get over it. He also said it would be OK, because he could just buy a game a month with his allowance until he bought them all back.

I’ve got a call in to Delta, so we’ll see.

On another, happier, note…tomorrow I think we’ll go to the Virginia Living Museum. And hope the temperature drops by, like, 20 degrees overnight.