Virginia days 1 & 2, without pics.

This would be way more exciting with pictures, but my internet time is limited, so I’ll give an overview so I don’t forget in the time it takes me to organize and post pics. (Naturalist isn’t the only one with ‘brain fog’!)


Sleep in.
Head out to Jamestown, via the Colonial Parkway. What a fun drive!
Wonder where all the fall colors are.
Wonder why it is so freaking hot.
Find Jamestown.
Wonder why there are so many freaking people here in the middle of October.
Remember that today is Columbus Day, and everyone has the day off.
Walk our way to the ships ‘Susan Constant’, ‘Discovery’, and the other one.
Marvel at how small they are.
Almost collapse of heat stroke.
Sweat our way up to the Fort.
Wonder if they’d like to keep The Sassy Princess if I dressed her up like a little settler girl.
Almost collapse of heat stroke.
Make our way to the gift shop, and find some .50 cent spray bottles with fans on them.
Buy them for the low price of $6 per kid.
Consider it a bargain…kids stop whining of heat stroke and have water fights.
Heat stroke averted.


Drive to Virginia Living Museum.
Walk around.
Kids would have been complaining of heat stroke, but we now have the spray bottles.
Have fun in the Survivor! Jamestown maze.
Naturalist declares this her favorite experience.
I eat the best cheeseburger of my life in the gift shop.
Leave for Yorktown.
Try an imagine all the green trees along the Colonial highway in hues of orange, gold, yellow, and red.
Participate in cannon firing…Naturalist got to clean the cannon and push the ammunition in!
View musket firing. Golfer loved it!
Walked around reproduction farm.
Have flashbacks of bad hair days from high school…damn this humidity for making my hair frizz!
Sassy Princess made friends with all the turkeys. Very appropriate, personality wise!
Wonder if they’d like to keep The Sassy Princess if I dressed her up as a little revolutionary girl.
Drove down to the Yorktown Riverwalk and played in the York River.
Eat at restaurant.
Get back home, all of us dog tired and happy.


Langley Air and Space Museum, with a return to Yorktown battlefield and Riverwalk area. This time with our bathing suits, so we can swim. Have I mentioned how freaking hot it is here?