Virginia, days 3 & 4…still no pics

I can happily report, FALL IS HERE!

After a big thunderstorm Tuesday night, the day opened at a gorgeous 75 degrees! And hasn’t gotten significantly warmer than that. And that makes touring the Historic Triangle on foot MUCH nicer.

Now that we’re over the halfway mark of our trip, I get a little antsy and melodromatic. Have we seen enough? Have we done everything we’d want to do if we never came back? Should I start cramming more stuff in at a frenetic pace in order to make the last few days count? This is a danger zone for travelling with kids. If I start doing things out of fear that we won’t be back EVER AGAIN, then it stops being fun and the kids stop enjoying our time.

So, deep breath for me…we only have 3 more days but the kids already have a lifetime’s worth of memories and I already have a lifetime’s worth of pictures.


Wake up to a pleasant morning.
Eat cereal and Dunkin Donuts (a legend in our family, thanks to hubby’s obsession with them…but the kids hadn’t eaten one until this trip. Now, they’ve eaten 2 dozen.)
Head out to Virginia Air and Space Center.
Lots of cool planes hanging on the ceiling.
Realize I’d get in free if I’d brought my Denver Museum of Natural Science card with me.
Snap at the woman behind the desk when she clucks and shakes her head. “You should always carry those with you”, she said. “Lady,” said I, “I have memberships to just about every organization in the Denver area. I’d weigh 20 pounds if I brought them all with me on a chance I’d get in free somewhere.”
Follow the kids around.
Visit the gift shop, which The Golfer declared “too expensive”.

Leave for Yorktown Battlefield.
Become amazed at what a toilet looked like on a 1770’s ship replica.
Become even more amazed when all my kids sit through a movie about the Siege of Yorktown. (Alright, I bribed The Sassy Princess with more M&M’s).
Visit the gift shop which the Golfer deems, “Boring. Nothing but books!”
Go out on the battlefields where The Naturalist and The Golfer reenact the taking of redoubts 9 & 10 with their plastic swords from the Jamestown gift shop (which was The Golfer’s favorite!).
After watching them play, my dad remarks, “You know, had I known how much fun and how educational cheep plastic swords were, I’d have let you and your sister get them on our travels more often!”
Drive on the Historic Battle auto tour, all around Yorktown.
Find myself really moved by the efforts of the tiny Continental militia and the French army to force the surrender of Cornwallis.

Go back to the hotel.
The Naturalist and I go on a ‘Ghosts of Williamsburg’ tour, and then we all fade off to sleep.


Historic Williamsburg.
Beautiful day!
Holy Crap!
$100 for all of us to get into Williamsburg?!
What? We can walk around for free? Then why would I pay lots of money?
What kind of racket are these people running?
No one would tell us where to take a shuttle from the visitors center to Williamsburg (the only ones running were for people who paid for tickets) so we walk 15 minutes to get there.
It was a beautiful walk.
Enter Williamsburg.
Why are all these colonial people so churlish?
When they say they are ‘renovating’ Williamsburg, does that mean they are putting gift shops in every historic home? ‘Cuz that’s what it looks like.
Try and buy tickets to a show.
Find out we have to buy the other tickets in order to buy these tickets.
Try and buy tickets into the Governors Mansion.
Find out we have to buy the other tickets to buy these tickets.
Try and enter a plantation home.
Find out we have to buy the other tickets to get in.
One word: racket.
Leave after 3 hours.

Head to Presidents Park, the place with all the Presidential busts standing 20 feet high.
Buy tickets.
Wonder why all the people working here are so churlish. Is this a trend?
For the tagline, “Where Learning Is Larger Than Life”, they certainly don’t like kids in here.
Kids run to find Teddy Roosevelt.
The Naturalist announces where he is going by number. “I’m going to the number 1 President!” (Washington). “I’m going to the number 26th President!” (Roosevelt). “I’m going to the number 43rd President!” (Bush).
I have no idea how he knows this.
His new favorite President is Mr. Carter.
Because Carter got a hole in one once.

Get back to the hotel by 5.
Go swimming.
Next, bedtime.

Tomorrow: Busch Gardens! I wonder if the people there will be bad tempered, also? Maybe the new Virginia motto could be: Virginia! It’s for Churlish People!

(I kid, Sheri, I kid!)