Hauntings at Shields Tavern, Williamsburg.

If you go to Williamsburg, you will find Shields Tavern down by the Capital building. It is very haunted! (The tavern. But, also probably the Capital building. They just didn’t talk about it as much on the Ghost Tour.)

When The Naturalist and I took the Ghost Tour that met outside Shields Tavern, we learned a lot about it’s paranormal activity. There is a lady in a fancy green dress that pops up every now and then. There is a ghost man that turns lights on late at night and looks out the top window. I don’t really need him around…I have enough lights to turn off around here. There are also some ghostly spirits that rearrange furniture sometimes. I wish they would come to my house.

The Naturalist wanted to eat in the Tavern basement when we brought the Sassy Princess and the Golfer back with us…so the next day, off we went down into the cellar. We ordered some delicious tomato soup, a package of scones, a package of blueberry muffins, and some Tavern brewed Ginger Ale and Root Beer.

It’s very, very dark down there, so they have candles on the tables to ‘liven things up’, as it were. As I sat down, I was startled to find that I was surrounded by some rather spooky ghosts of my own.

This one didn’t scare me very much. He looked to happy and sweet to be really fearsome.

This one I wasn’t too sure about. She was preoccupied with eating some kind of ghostly food, so I didn’t want to disturb her.

But THIS one…she scared me.

She apparated long enough to give me a mischievious look,

snatch a butter knife off the table,

and poke at me with it while laughing a devious laugh.

I knew she wouldn’t stop haunting me until I gave her the last of my yummy blueberry muffin.

Luckily, about that time, a ghostly fiddler player arrived to fiddle some tunes.

He seemed to really calm her down, and soon I was left to enjoy my muffins and Ginger Ale in peace.


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  1. You guys are REALLY REALLY brave! There is no way on this green earth I would go for something like that!!! 🙂

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