Morning Magic

I’m just now starting to get pics up into photobucket, but I’m wondering if I should switch over to flickr, so now I’m having a mental crisis in decision making and it’s slowing the process down. Sometime today, there will be pictures and stories, but in the meantime….

I love slow mornings. The Golfer is a slow morning person. He’ll lay around, maybe even falling back to sleep again. He’ll come in and snuggle for a bit. Then he gets up, putters around, sits and talks with me, and plays some video games or watches some TV before eating breakfast.

My girls, on the other hand, are up and going before their eyes fully open. They both have this uncanny ability to sit straight up, eyes sealed closed and still asleep, start talking about eating breakfast and launch themselves out of the bed before they open their eyes. Because I’m a slow morning person like the Golfer, I have a hard time following them with much enthusiasm. I always try to get them to snuggle for a while until they are fully awake, but this just annoys them. They go-go-go from before they wake up until after they fall asleep. I wish I could bottle that up and sip from the energy during my own day!

Hubby is out of town, and my Dad is staying in The Sassy Princess’ room, so last night she slept in my bed. I hadn’t realized it, but she is quite a snuggler in her sleep. She likes to rest her back against me and hold on to my ‘snuggle hand’ (as she calls it). Before falling asleep she kisses something three times…sometimes it’s her blankie, sometimes her stuffed animal, and last night it was my hand.

The Golfer found a sliver of bed on my side that I wasn’t laying on and snuck in. He also likes to rest his back up against something/someone, so I was sandwiched between two warm, peaceful, sleeping kids all night. Even though my back pays the price, it’s one of my favorite things.

When the Sassy Princess woke this morning, she sat right up (like always), looked out the window, and sleepily asked, “What happened outside? Is it snowing?” The backyard was and still is covered with a thick layer of fog, making the day muted and white. “No, it’s fog, baby.” I whispered. She lay back down, snuggled back up with my hand, and said, “I had a good dream, mama. I dreamed about happy monsters on the moon. They took my binkie with them.” She hasn’t had her binkie since I sabotaged it when she was 2…but she dreams about it all the time. “Did you have a good dream, mamma?” Amazingly, we sat and talked for a while…about binkies, monsters, the moon, and her blankies. When toddlers aren’t making you pull your hair out by the roots, they sure are delightful!

The Golfer woke up, and eventually we all made our way downstairs where the Naturalist had just come back inside after taking a walk in the fog. She brought bright red, yellow, and orange leaves with her. And now we’re going to enjoy some yummy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

Hope you all had good mornings, too! And do tell…was is slow, or fast, and which do you prefer?


4 Responses

  1. I used to be a super fast morning person, while my sister was a super extra slow morning person. This caused lots of grief between us – especially when we were both getting ready to get on the same bus in the mornings!

    Since I’ve entered the working world, though, it seems my mornings get slower and slower. I’ve taken to setting my alarm for half an hour earlier than usual just so I can lay in bed longer! Not a great habit – I’m starting to wish I knew where to find that super fast morning person I used to be!

  2. My hubby is a super fast morning person…he does in 30 minutes what it takes me 2 hours to do. I can only imagine the grief if we had to carpool!

    Has your sister switched to a fast morning person? Maybe it’s a weird genetic thing? Or…you have a super comfy bed. 🙂

  3. I like all the cuddling that unschooling has brought us. We never had much before with the older one. Now I get lots!

  4. slow, please.
    and quiet!
    preferably it’s still dark and says six something, so that I can count on taking my time waking up til eight something, when the babes arise!

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