Two Turkeys in the Straw

The Yorktown Victory Center 1780’s Farm was lots of fun for all of us. Particularly The Sassy Princess, who found her BFF Tom there. He happens to be a turkey. He might also happen to be a ‘she’, but as I have no way of finding that out, I just call him Tom. Tom the Turkey.

She first spotted him having a nice lounge in some shade by the shed. It was love at first gobble. He, proving that turkeys really are smart by obviously spotting trouble from a mile away, tried to outrun her.

He underestimated both her speed and determination. In a surprising display of accomodation from a girl who smacks The Golfer every chance she can, she extends her arm palm up in the universal sign of “I come in peace!”

Tom didn’t buy it. Tom tried to find amnesty in the kitchen.

The Sassy Princess pauses long enough to give me a look that begs, “Why won’t Tom just love me, mamma?! I’m the sweetest girl in the world, and would only poke him a little!”

It was at this point that Tom was faced with two horrible choices. Face the little girl hounding him, or face the kitchen where his friends had been turned in to tasty dinners. He chose to try his luck with the Sassy Princess.

They never did get overly lovey-dovey with each other, but he did let her walk side by side. I think they each came away with a healthy respect for the other. And isn’t that what a good friendship is all about?