Vocabulary word of the day.

Taken from a John Adams “Getting to Know the US Presidents” book we picked up in Williamsburg. We already had the George Washington one, and loved it…these books really invite young readers to get interested in history. The font is large, the words are easily decipherable, there are big pictures both hand drawn and taken from art galleries. I highly recommend the book series by Mike Venezia.

Anywho…back to the vocab word…it is:

Arrogant. As in, “Because he was cranky a lot of the time, and kind of arrogant, John Adams wasn’t the most popular president.”

Golfer: “What does the word ‘arrogant’ mean?
Me: “Well, it’s someone that thinks they always have a better idea than other people.”
Golfer: So, then, you are arrogant?
Naturalist: ::snickering::
Me: “Maybe I didn’t explain it the right way. It’s like, someone who always thinks they’re right.”
Golfer: “Oh! OK! So, you ARE arrogant!”
Naturalist: ::snorting::
Me: “Let me find another example. Arrogant…it’s someone who doesn’t listen to other people.”
Golfer: “In our family, you are one of the top most arrogant people.”
Naturalist: ::not breathing, she’s laughing so hard::
Me: …
Me: …
Me: “Well, there is a difference between thinking you’re always right, and actually being right. It’s not the same to think you have a better way of doing things, and actually having a better way of doing things, you know? One is arrogance, the other is just confidence.”
Naturalist: ::rolling her eyes::
Golfer: “It’s OK, Mom. I’m just like you! I’m the top most arrogant person in our family. I just think I have a better way of doing things.”

So, at least I’m in good company. I did manage to get him to re-rank me, and now he says I’m definately in the bottom of the most arrogant people in our family–but the damage has already been done. Have I, indeed crossed over from self confidence into arrogance?! Nah. No one would know better than me, and I know I’m just very self assured. 😛