Ah, Autumn.

How do I love thee, Fall? Let me count the ways…

Footie Pajamas!
We now wake up to a 60 degree house, with the Sassy Princess refusing to move off her bed because she doesn’t want to ‘touch the blankets!’, they’re so cold. I was concerned this year, due to The Naturalist’s growth spurt (putting her practically eye to eye with me). Surely they don’t make sizes that tall in footie pajamas! But yes, thank you Target…size XL fits her just nicely. I seriously contemplated getting some froggy ones for me, but was concerned about what they would do to my love life. So instead, I outfited the 3 kids so they can sleep snug and warm all night long…I’ll just snuggle up to hubby and steal his blankets. That’s so much more romantic!

Snow on the Rocky Mountains!

They look so naked throughout the summer…but thanks to the snowstorm this weekend, they now have their nice winter snowcoats on. Speaking of snowcoats…

New Snowcoats for the kids!
And snow pants, and snow shoes…jeez, kids are expensive. Last year they wore their suits from the year before, but they’ve all sufficiently grown too big for that trick again. Sadly, The Naturalist had bright purple stuff, so The Golfer can’t really wear it now. This year they all wanted army green camo stuff, so the hand me down will be much easier on the wallet next year. Usually, the winters are pretty mild around here, but last year was blizzard after blizzard and we are prepared to live in our snow gear all season. (I’m prepared to buy myself a ticket to Cancun, actually.)


Muffins, soups in breadbowls, crusty bread with butter, hot chocolate (melted bite size Dove chocolate in milk…heaven!) I have pumpkin bread pudding from Smitten Kitchen in the oven right now…I can’t speak for how it tastes, but it smells heavenly. Okay…I just pulled it out and tasted it, and it’s divine. D-I-V-I-N-E. What is it about fall that makes heavy cream, carbs, cream cheese, melted cheese, and massive amounts of Eggnog so appealing?! I’ve banished my scale down to the basement until Spring.


Serendipity Bath Co. is in full swing. And I mean, full, hectic, frantic, stay up late into the night, swing. Christmas shows are almost upon us, and my partner Ashley and I are busier than Santa’s elves. My record is 200 bars of soap in a week, not to mention all the scrubs, whipped shea, and bath bombs. I can’t even begin to describe the wonderful aroma in my house! I usually make a few batches of soap in my kitchen when I put the kids to bed, and when they crawl in my bed for a morning wake up snuggle they always comment on what they smell. “Apple Cider!” “Pumpkin Pie!” but their favorite is “Chocolate Mint!”. Whenever I make that one, they ask if it’s Christmas. You’ll note that many of the scents are food related…in the fall/winter, I not only like to eat everything in sight, I also like to rub it all over my body. This way, at least it’s a little cleaner.

I really, really love Autumn!


5 Responses

  1. Hehehe, I used to have a pair of footie jammies a few years ago…I loved em.

    And best wishes for the soap sales. I used to make soap (just a hobby) and though I loved the end result, the work to get there didn’t do much for me…I decided I’d rather be sewing (or blogging).

  2. 200 bars of soap in a week?? Wow! My husband is very picky about his soap and I have such a hard time finding stuff for him at the store! I’ll have to check out your soaps!

    I bet he wishes that I were into soapmaking….

    Footie pajamas…how I miss them!


  3. Evie, it’s totally worth it, they are fantastic. Especially the seasonal ones. Last year Child’s Play was my Secret Santa and she sent me “test” soaps. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Nothing says good morning like orange cinnamon or chocolate mint. 🙂

  4. I wish I weren’t allergic to so many scents… those soap “flavors” sound awesome!

  5. Catherine…I use my sister as a guinea pig for lots of our scents. She get’s migraines that are triggered by perfumes or strong scents, and I force my soaps on her to see if they give her headaches. If they do…we don’t use it. If they don’t, we call it good! My Hubby is the same way, and I do the same thing to him.

    We never test on animals, only on close friends and family with allergies/sensitive skin/migraine attacks.

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