8 Things

Jeez. 10 strange things about me? Where do I start! It would be easier to narrow myself down to 10 normal things…except that I think I only have about 8. But OK! Evie asked for 10 weird facts, and Tara asked for 8 regular facts (a while ago…but it’s taken me this long to sort through the crazy that is me), so I’ll combine the two and give you all 8 weird facts. And, I’ll post it on a weekend, since no one reads blogs on the weekends, and then I can cover it over with a shiny new normal post on Monday…with no one the wiser.

In no particular order…

8. I have clicky feet. Particularly my big toes. Every time I walk, it clicks. Audibly. Luckily, usually my socks and shoes cover the sound, but when it’s late at night I click all over the house. This makes it difficult to be sneaky or to walk up and tell the kids to quiet down for bed. By the time I get there, they’ve already heard me coming and go into deep cover–silent as mice. It’s hard to tell angelic, quiet kids they’re being too noisy for bedtime. This clicky toe is going to be the one things my kids remember when all is said and done.

7. My pet peeve is loud chewers. Yeah, chewing with an open mouth is bad…but I even get annoyed with people who chew with their mouth closed, but noisily. Which most people don’t notice, because it’s not a very loud chew. But I hear it. I hear it and freak out. It’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older, and I’m almost to the point of asking people around me to take very small bites and chew very slowly. You can imagine how I cringe around gum chewers.

6. I don’t finish my sentences. I kind of let them trail off for the othe person to pick up and continue. My kids are used to this and frequently finish my sentences. I’ll say, “Will you get me the…..” and they finish, “bowl? chair? plate? spoon?” and I go, “Yeah! The spoon!”. I would guess that I have dyslexia of the spoken word, so often the image I have in my mind has a hard time finding the right word to come out of my mouth. Interestingly, this mix up doesn’t happen when I write. The words just flow out, easy as can be. Hubby, who is used to my quasi-speaking, thinks I have a ghost writer for this blog since he’s never heard me express myself so concisely.

5. I like messes. I feel uncomfortable in a really clean place. I don’t like symmetry. I like odd numbers, and frames placed a little ‘off’ on the wall. I have piles of stuff all over the house that I never can get completely picked up because it just doesn’t feel right not to have them around. Is there such thing as reverse OCD, where things need to be a little messy?

4. I’m still afraid of the dark.

3. I once had a serious obsession with Mulder on X-files. It went way beyond enjoying the show or liking him as an actor. I was obsessed with the actual character of Mulder, and not at all with David Duchovny. Never one to have crushes or posters on my wall, it was a weird thing. I’d just had The Naturalist, so I blame it on my crazy hormones.

2. I used to be a Fencer in High School. As in, the sport with the weapons (never ‘sword!’) and the Erol Flynn like moves. Not that Fencing is weird, it’s just not a usual sport. I wore a white suit, mask, and two metal plates called ‘cleos’ over my boobs. I once saw a guy put his foil through another guy’s thigh in competition….that was pretty weird.

and 1…dear reader, help me out here. It’s going to be hard to narrow my weirdness down to 1 thing, but I can’t think of anymore. I think all this ‘soaping’ has gone to my brain. So, if you know me, and could share my number 1 weird thing, what would it be?


5 Responses

  1. I don’t know your number one wierd thing– but HA!!! Busted, this post did not sneak past me, even on the weekend 😉

  2. Me either. Gotcha!

  3. hee hee hee!

    I LOVE it! I am still afraid of the dark, too! Oh, and we will probably never be able to eat together because I have a serious case of TMJ and, no matter how small a bite or how slowly I chew, my jaw pops like a mother. It freaks my brother-in-law out in a major way!

    Thanks for doing this, I really enjoy getting to read about everyone’s weirdness.


  4. As for the “reverse OCD” comment, I can attest that having OCD does NOT mean that you are neat all the time. My brother’s therapist has described it has “a little voice in your head telling you how things have to be – or something bad will happen.” My brother is probably the biggest slob I have ever met, but if the silverware isn’t the right places in the dishwasher, or if something isn’t done in the “correct” order, he’ll have to fix it.

  5. ick, i can’t stand loud eaters and gum chewers. ICK!!!

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