A Great Moment In Our Familyness

This is the day that hubby has been waiting for since starting a family.
The day when all his time and energy raising our kids really starts paying off.
The day when our kids start contributing in a meanful way to our family.
The day when they show him what they’re really made of.
The day when the Naturalist and The Golfer start playing ‘Risk’.

I am whipping up dinner, with the soft chatter of world domination and global superiority in the background.

Life is good.


3 Responses

  1. Ha! You are so right! Now if we can just get them to play Pinochle too, well they might even be able to skip a chore or two for that!

  2. Aah, I can well relate to this one.
    Not Risk, as I have never played. Nor Chess either, as I can’t boast mastering that respectable fete.
    I’ll settle for Othello, or Mastermind!
    Give me an engaged player/opponent for those favored games, and I’ll be swoon and crooning!

  3. It’s such a gift to share your interests and passions with your kids. I bet the kids were just as thrilled as your husband. What fun!

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