Happy Halloween!

Well, almost Halloween, but I think I’ll be so busy tomorrow I won’t have time to post. So, I’m wishing everyone a fun and candy filled Halloween a bit early.

I’m looking forward to the mad dash around the neighborhood, trying to keep up with the three kids. The Naturalist and Golfer set a pretty grueling pace, and last year we had to tote The Sassy Princess around in a wagon. She didn’t like that one bit, and crying ensued. Of course, it could also be that she didn’t like the big pumpkin costume I stuffed her into. She was too little to really make herself known…definately not the case anymore! This year, I predict she’ll be right at their heels. She’s so excited! I’m looking forward to chatting with my neighbors while the children parade by in a sugar-high induced frenzy, and I can’t wait for all the kids to unload their loot onto the living room floor so we can commence with ‘The Great Candy Barter’ to get more of what we like. Plus, I get a kick back from each of them as thank you for walking them around. Not bad!

Last year, we were still homeschooling pretty rigorously, and I made them sort, count, and graph their candy. This year, I think we’ll just eat it as fast as we can and go read a book or something. My So Called Homeschool posted about the decline of fun, spooky halloween, which ties in nicely this little clip from the folks at Escape Adulthood that helps remind everyone to lighten up and enjoy this one night of kid anarchy.

I wish you lots of tricks and treats!