We have, in our arsenal of games, one called “Charades for Kids“. Since we find games much more fun to play without using the actual rules of the game, we quickly tossed aside the rules and game board. Eventually, we also tossed aside the game cards. Now, we don’t even get the box out of the closet. But, boy do we play a mean, fast and furious game of charades!

In our version, talking and making noise are definately allowed. Hints are also acceptable, especially if you’ve decided to be ‘a button’ for a few minutes with no one able to guess anything close to it. Really, anything goes.

some of our most favorite charades have been the ones that are extremely obscure, that take a few minutes and hints to figure out.

‘Thinking outside the box’
‘Kamakazi fighter’
musical cleft note
Golfing Tornado

Yep, there’s some crazy stuff going on around here! Subversive, anarchic charades without rules or silence.


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  1. a button- I think thats my fave!

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