You Say You Want A Revolution…

I’m beginning to experience why ideas and education are the first things to be controlled in oppressive regimes. Education leads to…thoughts. Ideas. Connections. Expression. Discussion. And yes, Revolution.

I, being the Head Mamma around here, am in a position of Exalted and Sovereignly Great Dictator. Especially when the playroom and bedrooms look like they’ve been ransacked by a bunch of gremlins with a penchant for making cardboard box civilizations and scattering the contents of every toy container to the four corners.

Today is particularly oppressive for the kids, as I am leaving for another soap show in SLC and Head Daddy is large and in charge when I’m gone. He needs a clean and tidy house like I need Dove Chocolate and Cherry Coke. I have them on a strict schedule of 15 minutes cleaning with a 10 minute break. Must. Clean. Up!

After lunch, I sent them upstairs to clean some more. They both did their best to argue why they shouldn’t have to/needed less time spent cleaning/needed a longer break. I announced in my best Exalted and Sovereignly Great Dictator voice, that I was boss and what I said GOES.

However, I’ve been lax in the information I’ve allowed into their impressionable young minds. Silly me, I’ve been reading them books about Benjamin Franklin, The American Revolution, Colonial times, and the Founding Fathers. They both gave each other a look and retreated upstairs. I heard a lot of chatter between them and could decipher words like, “King George”, “Colonists”, “England”, “Democracy”, “Declaration of Independence”, and “Not Fair!”. I knew what this meant. It meant that our recent trip to Williamsburg had really sunk in, and they were going to use the things they learned there against me.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, they both came down with handmade signs.

“Give us Breaks or Give us Death!”

The Golfer stepped up and announced they were forming a revolution against my Exalted and Sovereignly Great Dictatorship. Outrageous! Preposterous! Unthinkable! But not for the two musketeers. They’d learned enough to know they had Rights. And the ability to Self Govern. And a duty to stand up against an oppressive regime. Even one that just gave them Oreo’s with their lunch.

We came to a peaceful resolution. They agreed I could stay the Exalted and Sovereignly Great Dictator if they could reallocate their break times. So far, so good, but I’m alarmed at the seeds of discontent our foray into Revolutionary America has sowed. That’s the problem with Democracy. Once the idea takes hold, it’s impossible to unteach it.

(Exercising their rights to bear arms at Yorktown Battlefield.)


7 Responses

  1. Just wait until King Daddy steps into power this weekend! They will be begging for the old regime!

  2. That is priceless! Too bad they didn’t realize that if they take *less breaks* they’ll be done faster!

  3. At least your kids will clean! My youngest outright refuses to do it. He’d rather go to his room! LOL

    I loved this post and how everything all tied together. That was wonderful!

  4. Now you see, the problem is that you didn’t send them to school. If you had they would have studied a few dates and battles surrounding the Revolution, not ideas about rising up against tyranny! You silly unschooling mother, giving your kids the opportunity to experience the world as it really is and understand they have power. Now will you please send them to school so they will learn to be compliant, non-thinking subservient workers?

    Big wink 😉

    Have fun in SLC!

  5. I love Flo’s comment and can’t top it so I’ll just ditto that.

    Too funny.

    Just yesterday I heard Emma muttering from her room and when I went to see what she was doing (sitting on the floor with the middle drawer of her captain’s bed pulled out) she said…”Dad said I have to clean this and I can’t ask you for help.”

    So I smiled and said, “What if I offer? Is that allowed?”

    She smiled back and said, “What if we just don’t tell him at all?”

    Now that’s politics! Teehee

  6. oh, yeah, and PS every time I see this post title I get that song stuck in my head. Thanks.

  7. Thompson Twins rock, first of all. 🙂

    Second of all, I love how subversive and snarky you all are! A big ‘Ha!’ to Flo. 🙂

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